Monday, February 19, 2007

Well I was glad I got to speak to 3/5 of the 3 o'clock candy contributors this weekend, even if they were drunk dials!

After a lecture from, of all people, Popodop about a lack of participation in recent weeks I thought I'd better log on and update you all on my exciting life of part-time retail and reception.

Huh, let's see. I got it in my head that I need to scrapbook to preserve all my Sophie cards and pictures, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought all these scrapbooking materials. I pulled all my stuff out and I wanted to create just ONE specific page for this particular card. I completely froze creatively. I have since asked for Mrs. Belding's artistic assistance. You should know that although I have had a "thing" for art supplies since childhood they always remain under used. I just love the potential of a pack of pretty paper or pens or watercolors. I am also seeking the professional framing of Sophie's little plaster of paris finger prints.

The Oscar Party is quickly approaching and I have a ton of things to do in preparation. Namely decide on a menu. Here is what I got so far: popcorn, soft pretzels w/ some kind of cheese dip homemade cheese crisps and hot dogs. Any suggestions comments? I also still have to wash, iron and hem my kitchen curtains and sticky roll my couch to remove all signs of pets. I'm gonna go to the fabric store and see about buying some "red carpet". Since I have lost my digital camera somewhere in this stupid house, I guess I also need to buy a disposable camera to play papparrazzi. Oh wait, I got a camera in my kitchen I'll just use my Mac.

Oh and I expect full participation from you all! Email me your completed ballots. ASAP!!!

That's all I got


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