Saturday, October 27, 2007

As you can read from the time stamp it's friggin' early. Why, you ask, am I blogging when 1.) I have no point and 2.) I should be sleeping? Because at the moment I'm crippled with self-doubt / anxiety over a entirely volunteer photog assignment at my friends' church's U2charist.

I know what you're about to ask 1) why are you crippled with self-doubt and 2) what in the name of all that is holy is a U2charist?

1.) Answer: Because I'm possibly more neurotic than Clementine it just takes longer for everyone to realize it. Just kidding. Because I seem to be regressing in my photo skills. As I improve in my film class, I'm becoming less and less confident on my digital camera. AHHHH....deep breaths, I know.

2) Answer: A U2charist is an event celebrating the Episcopal church's adoption of the United Nation's Millenium Development Goals, like eradicating poverty and empowering women in third world countries. So this is a fundraiser / awareness raiser. There will be a special church service incorporating U2 music in the processional, sermon and communion complete with a slide show at the altar. It's a lot like We Are The World without Michael Jackson or Huey Lewis.

I just finished reading The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. And I loved it! As an admitted Anglophile I can really love this coming of age story about post-war liberation and an emotional study on the place we call home.

My next reading will be Life of Pi, one of the few books Rhett has actually read in years that doesn't have the words: investment, stock or market in the title. Try as I might, I just don't get people who read nothing but expository text.

In other news we're buying carpet tiles for the mud room since it's October and the floors are freakin' cold. Want to see?

Okay, let's try this sleep thing again.


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