Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OK! So one of the things that I like about where Scarlett lives (in a vague theoretical- I-don't-have-to-deal-with-it-on-a-daily-basis way) is that though people have what are considered slightly antiquated ideas (versus what, say, Jon Stewart thinks) is that they at least come out and say it.

As opposed to what we do up here. Which is this:

Marketing Project Manager: "Well we do like the layout... it's just... well we think the photo needs to have a little more... you know... more...[awkward silence]... VARIETY!"

Me: "Oh like more action going on?"

MPM: "No... umm... more variety in the people"

Me: "Oh so like more men and women"

MPM: "Well yes more men and women but...well... maybe some more ethni-...umm.. more DIVERSITY."

Me: "Oh like more races."

MPM: "Oh...well... yes."

Me: "Like some italian and irish... like that"

MPM: "Oh... ummm... no... what I was thinking was maybe... some African-Americans as well..."

Me: "OOOOH. Ok. Would you like any Chinese people? Oooh how about Indians?"

MPM: "Actually that would be great we're really trying to appeal to the Indian market."

Me: "Great. Now did you mean "Indians" like "I was born New Delhi" or "Indians" like "Native Americans"?

MPM: "Ummm... well... I was actually thinking "born in New Del-..."umm, well you know, whatever you thinks works best."

Me: "Great. Now should they be holding hands or singing Kumbaya?"

[End scene that I wish I could actually say]

Man, that is what I REALLLLLY miss about being at work. When they'd gather up everyone and we'd just jump for hours.

And then we'd get into groups and it's a big THUMBS UP!

Whew. Rant over. Time for some tasty mac and cheese.



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