Sunday, December 02, 2007

What next people....????

Lord! Have Mercy. These Baptists are gonna make me go something something....Sorry, not trying to be all INTOLERANT or anything, but you must read the account of some unsolicited advice that Mrs. Belding received.

Mrs. Belding is on the phone with a woman she befriended in child-birth class. Woman is an intolerant, uptight, control freak, fundamentalist who Mrs. Belding has a tenuous relationship since it's inception. The women are speaking about their sons' eating habits.

Mrs. Belding: I've been having a hard time getting Baby Pirate to eat protein. So, I stir-fried him up some tofu and he LOVES it.

Woman: WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? You can't do that. You'll make him gay. Don't you read the internet? It says that soy products feminize boys, that's why I avoided all soy products while my son was in my body.

Mrs. Belding: Ummm...we're not worried.

I have been laughing at this theory for over a week. Then a few minutes ago I read both the ignorant ass claim by a homophobic minister and the refute published in Scientific American.

You may read an excerpt from the crazy minister here.

You may read a smart science-y guy's blog on the credible Scientific American here.

BTW, Mrs. Belding and the woman will eventually realize that having children the same age is not the best foundation for a solid relationship. Besides the woman has bad taste and that's a deal breaker for Mrs. Belding. (If you're reading this Mrs. Belding -you know I'm right!)

Edited to add: Mrs. Belding thinks this is harsh.



Blogger the fabulous mrs. darcy said...

Scarlett I have written and rewritten several response to your post and the only way i can keep myself from going off on a dennis miller rant is to say:

You are not crazy.

You are surrounded by crazy ass people with deep seated issues.

If you stop thinking that way I will perform an exorcism/intervention/voodoo on you.

Go to the light, Carol Ann!

11:23 PM  

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