Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Can you die of boredom?

I really hope not because I'm not ready to die.
Really, it's that bad.

The dreadful weekly meeting was cancelled. While happy that I don't have to sit and listen to people drone on about stuff I could careless about, at least it killed close to 2 hrs.

I have pretty much bothered everyone I could today. I think if I keep doing that I will have a restraining order filed against me. There really isn't much for me to over analyze, at least not until later this week.

I've done some of the crossword the future Mrs. Darcy created, visited people and gofugyourself. I have to save overheard for later this afternoon.

Oh, you guys will appreciate this....so no one is here. One production artist has left earlier because "he isn't feeling well". Now, I am not judging, after all I was "under the weather" last week. In fact, I think he must have coughed or something close to me, because now I don't feel great. I should probably go home early today....

Word out.


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