Monday, October 09, 2006

Stuck at work on Columbus Day :-(

Sadly this is the first break of the day.

Weekend Update:
So Cam did call Sat and left a v/m. I hate talking to guys on the phone. Anyway, he said he'd be out at the bar. I texted back, I was going somewhere else. Needless to say I was surprised to see a call from him around 1am. Basically just checking in to see how my night was. Again, I texted back. No contact was made Sun.

I flirted a little too much for my own good Sat with a guy. He basically told me he was disappointed in me b/c I wasn't going home with him. I'm sorry, do you even know my name? No. He didn't. Yeah, that's only one reason I'm not going home with you. Men are such hos.

No call/text/myspace contact/smoke-signal from FNB. Jackass.

That's shame. Out of all the latest guys, he was my #1 preference to flirt with.

Moving along.....
Random Thought #1
I've been listening to my ipod all day. Two reasons:
I've become obsessed with Nelly Furtado's new album. Not only is "Maneater" a kick-ass song, but I really like "Afraid". Some people out there may say she is a "big ole ho", but isn't she better than Paris?
I need to drown out Minnie. She has started singing. Need I say more?

Random Thought #2
I truly believe that if the Post Office is closed, all businesses should be. I mean if you don't get mail, why should you work?

Random Thought #3
When driving to work, become aware of who is driving in front of you and behind you. Apparently, I didn't turn left fast enough for the car behind me. Turns out it was a co-worker. I hope she is embarrassed cause I really don't like her.

That's all I have today kids. Hope you are all enjoying the day off!



Blogger Scarlett said...

Yes Clementine, Nelly Furtado is better than Paris.

In an open statement to Paris I would like to say to her:

If you don't have one original thought in your head, don't subject us to lame, pale xeroxed copies of other peoples work. Like for example Gwen Stefani's vocals and the video concept for that song called whatever the fuck, is the same as that stupid teen movie called whatever the fuck starring whoever the fuck, who also makes a lame ass cameo appearance in the lame ass video. VH1 is becoming the Paris channel and since I only get a limited number of cable channels and VH1 is the best of them, Paris can you please get off of my tv.

Kind Regards,

3:16 PM  

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