Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Drinking with Jesus

Since I didn't go out last night and my roommates were busy, I decided to have a glass of wine.
This allowed me to develop a new theory....a theory I'd like to call
"The Rotation of the Male Species"

Now, here is what the theory states:
You should aim to have at least three guys in the rotation. Three, in my opinion, is the perfect number. This allows you to talk/email/text and go out on dates all on different days of the week. This way there is only 1 or 2 days where you are focused on one and not the others. For example:
Monday: Email Boy A; ignore Boy B, and Boy C
Tues: Call Boy C; ignore Boy A, and Boy B
Wed: Text Boy B; ignore Boy A and Boy B
Thurs: Go out with Boy A; ignore Boy B and Boy C.
And it's already Friday.
The weekend should be spent with friends so you can keep your eyes open in case you need to switch someone out. Repeat and switch up as necessary.
I'm not saying you whore (ie. sleeping with them all)yourself out. Quite the opposite. After all who knows how long any boy will stay in rotation. I think that harmless flirting and getting to know them is much more important than spending the night with them.
You should also keep your standards. If you don't have a third guy, that doesn't mean you should pick up the next random person at 7-11. Unless of course you think he is cute and funny.
And now the disclaimer:I think this is a temporary solution until you find someone who you just want to be Boy A, B, and C all together. That is, you think he is the one AND he feels the same way. That's a huge "and". Too often do we, as females, have a movie playing in our head thinking every nice/cute/successful/funny guy we meet will be the one. This just isn't the case.
And so you have the theory...


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