Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I have nothing witty to say. I lead a boring life but that's ok. My cat is happy to see me when I get home at night and greets me at the door. He forgets that in a few hours I will use every part of my body necessary to hold him still so I can pry his eye open and put drops in it to fight his infection. I think if he could talk he would tell me to "back off bitch" but he deals with it and silently curses me on the inside. My other half needs help to accomplish this task yet I can do it by myself. Why is that? Why does a man need help with a 3 pound kitten? He's got almost 200 pounds on the thing yet I can do it by myself. Oh well. I told you, I have nothing witty to say.

Things at my new job are going well. I've decided to try to figure out which tv character my coworkers most remind me of. So far I've decided that D is most like Michael Scott on the office. Not nearly as bad but does make some bad jokes that you feel compelled to laugh at. Haven't figured out the rest yet. Everyone is really nice though so it wouldn't be a bad or annoying character. Can't really say much about the job. Still getting acclimated and haven't done anything meaningful yet. Still curious how things are going in the old department without me. I'm sure it's fine and hasn't burned to the ground but I kinda wish it would. Not sure why I care though. Does that mean I miss it? I really hope not.

Ok, I fear I'm boring you now too. I shall go watch episodes of Sex and the City on TBS that I've already seen 7 times and that aren't as good as the original. Hey Scarlett - while you're telling us how books/movies end, can you fill me in on Snow Falling On Cedars? I haven't got past chapter 2 yet and I think I started it in May.


Blogger Scarlett said...

You want to know the ending? He gets off.


10:31 PM  
Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

That sounds dirty.

8:16 AM  

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