Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Nice to hear the stories and escapdes, although what's up with people saying "biggest party day of the year" and "oh I got drunk last night"? I really don't know what you all are talking about, and I am one ofthe top 4 lushes on this blog... Well the mo-lo (mother-in-law - seriously falling off my chair laughing realizing that rhymes with mo-fo) heads back to Ireland today. We had a nice visit for her week here. Started my knitting again, and damn I am getting better. Future Mrs Darcy you'd better watch out.

I realized that there are things to be learned from our elders, most of it this trip though, is how i don't want to be when i get older.

1. I don't want to complain about EVERYTHING.

2. If i cannot sleep for more than two nights in a row, i will take a sleeping pill and get a restful night sleep. I will not bitch about how i lay awake since 3am and was so bored and didn't want to get up for fear of waking others.

3. I will not ask both my sons where to go in an airport I've never been and then take the advice of the favoured one, instead of the one who travels every month and the COMPLAIN about being lost to the son who gave the right directions.

4. I will not give my daughter-in-law silly as stuffed animals that happen to have the name Floozy.

5. I will not choose not to say thank-you 5 nights in a row for a home cooked meal.

6. I will realize that perhaps I don't know my son better than his wife. Just becasue you gave birth and raised him until he was 15, doesn't mean you know the man he has become in the last 19 years. And if I have this rallization, I hope that I will get to know him better as the man he has become.

Ok, so enough about that.

Some gossip.

So my married co-worker who had an affair with my someone I know, her husband called on Thanksgiving leaving two irate messages, saying I needed to call him to find out the whole truth. Just got off the phone with her and she has left him, but according to her not becasue of this affair, oh and technically they didn't sleep together. So now I am jumping everytime the phone rings hoping it's not him. What a mess. A mess in which I don't deserve to be in the middle.

Happy News.

Sister in law (older brother) is preggers again with number 3. They are happy. Me too, but thank goodness the psychic said I was having twins. Playing catch up will be easier - haha.

Other office news.

Who are all these people? I realize I haven't been in the office in weeks, but almost an entire new staff... What's up?

Homeless Fish news.

Gizmo Lazerus is doing well, readjusting to the dim lighting in my office as someone else was taking care of him whilst I was away. He has forgotten all his tricks, so may spend they afternoon working on the somersault that he had almost perfected. Still waiting on logo...


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