Monday, November 27, 2006

I know I haven't really blogged about boys lately...and it's getting hard to remember who knows what anymore.
I'm not sure where I left off officially so I will give you a brief run-down of the latest happenings.

Looking back it seems that I haven't really blogged about Cam since Halloween. But I will spare you some stories, because I know I told you already.

So overall, things are going well I think.

Two weeks ago, Petra had her b-day party at her fav bar. Since I was a designated shot taker, I somehow got drunk. Cam was out of town for work that weekend and was supposed to return Sun. This didn't stop me from drunk dialing him at 2:30am. He actually picked up. Now I can't tell you what we talked about for 20 mins because I don't really know. I do know I told him: I wished he was there, I missed him, and he should come back earlier.
Yeah that was slightly embarrassing. But he did take my advice and came back Saturday night rather than Sunday. He came over after he went out, I was home sick. He was a slightly inebriated, so we had a nice conversation. This time he was the one saying: I missed you, I liked you, etc.
So we were even!

Last week was short since it was Thanksgiving. I went out last Tuesday for a "I don't have to work" happy hour. Cam met us out, which was good. Petra was a wee bit drunk and kept referring to Sunday morning when Cam was over. Some people obviously know that we are hanging out, but some don't. So I kept on telling Petra to shut it about Sunday morning. Anyway we left, and here is the conversation the next morning:
Me-"So you think I am justified in being upset with Petra"
Cam- "Yes, I even said something to her"
Me- "Ok, but somehow I know I will be the one apologizing"
Cam-"Well just turn it back on her"
Cam-"Well ask her if she was quasi-seeing someone blah blah"
The other parts don't matter. But I am assuming we have moved from hanging out to quasi seeing each other. Is this a good thing?

Anyway Cam seemed upset that morning. And of course because I am neurotic I assume the worst- I must have done or said something wrong/bad. He assured me he just isn't a morning person. I guess that is believable considering we had this talk at 7:30am after a night of drinking and going to bed after 1.

I talked to him briefly Wednesday afternoon, and told him I'd call when I was back in town. So after that, I definitely felt like it was bad, because we talk/email almost everyday. I know what you are thinking, I just need to relax. But after I sent him a text on Thanksgiving, and didn't hear back I was sure that the short living "hanging out" was over. Kinda made me sad. But I was feeling better when I saw a missed (drunk ) call from him Friday night.

On Saturday Cam had his friend ,K, call his girlfriend to call me to tell me to go out and that Cam didn't have his phone. So we ended up meeting up. Again, spent most of Sunday together, saw Cirque and had dinner.

He is out of town until Tuesday, and leaves again Friday. So that's where things stand now. I am trying really hard to just take it easy and play it by ear.

I will try to keep you updated on further developments.



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