Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In case it wasn't clear the first time, I absolutely despise Cox Communications. First, my DVR box broke while Scarlett was in town. Now, just a meer (is that spelled right?) three weeks later it is broken again. After talking to two customer service reps and the supervisor, someone is coming tonight between 7-9 to fix the dumb thing. Tomorrow we shall call and bitch until we get a full month of cable services free.

Typically Cox says their last appointment time is 5-7. However, I couldn't make that time and since I bitched enough, they are "making an exception" to which I want to say "kiss my ass." Now, the reason I couldn't make the 5-7 time is because I was getting my first ever bikini wax. I promise not to go into too many details because 1) that would be just plain awkward and 2)I feel Scarlett may think of it as potty talk. So, let me say these few things. 1) I strongly believe they should dim the lights in the room. I realize that she needs to see what she is doing but meanwhile I'm staring up and being blinded by the lights as I try to avoid looking at the woman coating my nether-regions with hot wax. 2) the hot wax doesn't hurt that bad but the ripping hurts like hell. Just when I thought she was almost done and that it couldn't possibly continue, it did. 3) As Popodop informed me, yes, you get to wear underwear. However, the underwear is useless and does nothing to provide any sort of real coverage or level of modesty. 4) It's amazing how long the pain will last afterward. It's not true torture but just discomfort. 5) All in all, it wasn't so bad. I do feel that I could do this again however, never in a million years would I even dream of a brazilian or going for the pre-pubescent 11 year old look - that my friends would hurt like a mo fo. So, if you have ever considered a bikini wax, I say go for it, it's not nearly as painful as you think it will be - however, a shot (or three) of your favorite liquor before hand might make it slightly less uncomfortable.

On that note - be strong my friends!

P.S. TFMD, are you out there? Did you find yourself a wedding dress??? Inquiring minds want to know!


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