Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today was Turkey Tuesday aka Friends Thanksgiving with Mr. Belding, Mr. Belding's Baby Mama and Liam, the smartest baby in the whole western world. If you judge the success of a dinner party by the number of dishes in my sink, then it was a hit! You may note the time of this here blog entry, yes it's 3 in the A.M. So, I had a bottle of Chardonnay, which as we discussed tonight at dinner, hinders one's ability to reach R.E.M. sleep, hence the 3 A.M. blogging. It was a really good bottle so I suppose it was worth a crappy night's sleep.

Let's see.....what interesting things do I mention....oh, I told Ms. Sarah how I mamed a bunch of worms in the garden, but she thought I said "named" a bunch of worms and all hilarity ensued. And this is Smiley....and this one is Mr. Wiggles...this one is Mr. Zachariah Invertebrae Sr...and this one is Thomas...

okay....other interesting things....OH! Perhaps you'd like to know what was served at this fake Thanksgiving dinner? I made:
  • homemade cranberry sauce for the first time ever and I must say this will be the only cranberry sauce served from here on out. It has got to be the simplest dish ever made more convenient by canning.
  • roasted carrots with maple butter...yummers!
  • mashed tators....mmmm starch
  • Stove Top stuffing...I don't care what ya'll say that is the best shit!
  • roasted turkey with thyme....despite my low expectations, this was perfectly moist if I do say so myself.
That's all I got! I'm going back to bed.



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