Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reuben - You up for scuba?
(Name the movie)

So Snuff and I are taking Scuba lessons this weekend and I am so stoked. I have wanted to do this for some time and with our upcoming trip to Jamaica, I couldn't let it go by. My little internal clock is saying, um yeah there aren't too many opportunities to have a three day weekend and then a trip like this planned. So off we go. (Oh and PS I might just buy a shorty wet suit because if I do say so myself, I look smoking hot! I will take pictures and you can judge for yourselves. Stayed tuned for that.) It's too bad that two of you are having to save for your wedding and one of you is not here and one of you, well I am not sure what Clementine's excuse is, but we'll let her slide since no one else is doing it with us. Nevertheless, wish us luck! And I'd like to thank my dearest husband for trying this with me. I know you have limited experience in the water and for a fish like me it's hard to understand any sort of fear or anxiety, so my fins off to you and your courage! Round of applause everyone! Click here

In other news, I bought Proactive. Not because I have skin issues per se, but I thought it would be good for the occasional unsightly. Well I think it is a little shock to the system. And by system I mean a face that has used nothing but moisturizer for the last 29 years. It burned and then dried me out a little and I think may have been a factor in last Saturday's "incident". The "incident" to which I refer happened when I awoke Saturday morning at the Hilton in Baltimore after a night of partying with a rather dry face. I had left my bag in the car, so I got some of the hotel lotion. (Now some of you might be gasping in disapproval as my sister did for even considering using such harshness on my face, but I always do.) So I put the aforementioned lotion on and then this amazing hot sensation began to spread around the eye and cheek areas. we ordered room service and my face felt even more dry. So - duh more lotion. Well I finally got up and checked the mirror. I was red and swelling and looked about 15 years older because the wrinkles around my eyes decided not to puff up with the rest of my skin, so they were WELL defined. I am back to normal now, but I might think twice about using Hilton lotion again. Naywho, the moral of the proactive story is that I have started using it on my upper arms. Not because I get spots there, but it's rough, so I figured hey why not? Will keep you updated.


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

I use proactiv - and know that scarlett has used it before also. It's a good product but be warned - it will bleach anything it comes in contact with that is not white. I highly recommend using only white towels OR only using the proactiv while in the shower. I only use it once a day these days and that is while in the shower. The lotion they give you will also bleach stuff so wash your hands after you use it and dry them on a white towel - unless of course you like the tie dye look.

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