Monday, March 05, 2007

So to answer questions/update all here goes:

Clem-- next weekend is not only St. Pat's but I am 1) going to the dentist to hopefully regain the ability to chew on the right side of my mouth, 2) various wedding things my mom probably has up her sleeve, 3) Grease cast reunion (more to follow on that) and 4) St Pat's celebrations in Worcester and Boston.

Now the Grease thing is this. 10 years ago (I vomit slightly in my mouth every time I write that) when I was 16 I was in Grease. It was there that I met or became close with La Sicilian, OJ, and several others who don't have nom de plumes. That happened to ALSO coincide with the giant schism of friends of which I was at the heart of (with my friend from Ireland- we'll call her... Lucky- which is clever for two reasons but I can't reveal them without compromising it as a nom de plume). Basically there was this bitch Snatchly (the original nom de plume) who was jealous I got cha-cha because SHE considered herself the dancer and blah blah blah tension blah blah blah then I break my ankle a week before the show and she gets the part but damage was already done before that and Lucky and I become close with OJ and La Sicilian and their boy counterparts who don't need names and Snatchly and others go another way.

The following year a similar Schism occurred with me at the heart of again stemming FROM how close I was to OJ and that crew who were half in college. Whatever. DRAAAAAMA!

Ok. So when I was home at thanksgiving I was picking up my sister at school and ran into my old director and he told me they were doing Grease again b/c he could only stomach it once a decade and that's when I realized HOW FRIGGIN OLD I WAS but also that I thought it would be cool to see all of my friends that I don't get to see as much.

So I email La Sicilian, her boy counterpart, OJ, my boy counterpart, the only friend of the original schism that I kept in touch with, and Lucky (the first three are all in contact but the rest are sort of a hodge-podge who haven't seen each other in anywhere from 2-10 years). Damn I feel I need a diagram like Clem!!!

Where was I? Oh right- emailing. So I email them and say blah blah blah come it'll be fun and if you're still in contact with anyone else you email them and invite them too.

Time passes. Fast forward to this weekend when my old boy counterpart says his mom says tickets are going fast and how many do we need? And in one of my replies I attach the cast photo that I scanned in from my yearbook. Yes, I have my year book at my house. FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON this triggers Lucky to go psychotic and try and track all of these people down.

Now, Mr Darcy doesn't realize why this freaks me out because he is of the same idea as Lucky that it was 10 years ago and it'll just be fun to see everyone. Now schisms aside- I can talk to any of those people who have moved to the bottom of my "to kill" list (a la Billy Madison). BUUUUUUUUT now we've gone to a happy group of some people who are still in touch and those who are not and MOST IMPORTANTLY I can vouch for everyone who I invited.

If anyone wanted more people to come who they were still in contact with THEY COULD HAVE EMAILED THEM. Then we'd know they were cool. But now she went all insane and FOUND THE EMAIL ADDRESSES OF PEOPLE THAT I HAD TO REMIND HER WHAT THEIR NAMES WERE! Holy fucking awkward.

So I've been half freaking out over that and on the phone with OJ who has been simultaneously freaking out. But then the worst thing happened. She emailed everyone new and COPIED MY ORIGINAL GROUP ON IT. This is horrible b/c now I worry I'll have to literally bribe La Sicilian to come and her counterpart has already suspiciously backed out because they REALLY do not want to spend the night schmoozing. My only saving grace is that this is 2 weeks away and we're going to see the show at 6 on a Friday night so it'll be hard for MOST people to come.

And let me clarify- I don't mind seeing people I haven't seen in awhile- but to be bound to hang out with them for an extended period of time. I wanted to use the time to catch up with people I care about not be all... Oh yeah so ummm after high school I went to this college and studied this and now I'm here and -- what-- you want to talk wedding plans? Well let me get out my trusty katana sword out and -- hmm does the ritualistic suicide start by going in on the left or the right?

A question has been proposed about wedding plans. I don't mean to be vague or whatnot but I'm not sure if y'all have encountered this as well but wedding plans is what people who i run into in the elevators at work talk to me about to fill empty space and not much changes between ill timed elevator rides so it's a wee painful.

But this is different since I know and like all of you.
So I have:
A church
A priest
A dress
Possible bridesmaid dresses
A reception hall (which includes food)
A florist

Still need to book:
Engaged Encounter so I can keep the church and priest
Plane tickets to go home to do tastings and stuff
Everything registery

Things I really need to do that keep me up at night:
Figure out where we want to go on honeymoon
Make invitations which in my head corresponds to locking down the entire look/style/feel of the wedding as opposed to making individual decisions that don't have an overarching common bond like I've been doing.

To do this I have gone through all of my magazines and cut out pictures that I like and breaking them down into the following categories: make up, invitations, flowers, reception decorations, gifts (as in to give- favors/ bridesmaids gifts etc) and misc.

This is the aforementioned binder that Mr. Darcy threw in the dark last Thursday to get it off the bed and ended up NAILING me in the face with it hurting my eye and cutting open a small part of my face above the lip that is finally starting to go away.

Anyone who would like to see this binder in all it's anal glory are welcome to at Clem and my proposed happy hour sometime in the coming weeks. Although being the ships in the night we are Clem will be out of town this Thursday-sun and I will be out of town NEXT Thursday-sun.

Tuesday and Wednesday are all good for me next week though if you want to try and do something then.

Please reply with days that are free. Any place metro accessible in the district is good for me so if anyone has any ideas for places that specialize in both food and drink-- I shall throw out Lauriol Plaza because it is not only SUPER YUMMY but sells margaritas by the pitcher.

AAAAAAAAAND that is all.


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

How do you keep all of those thoughts straight in your head?

8:32 PM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

I agree with The Future Mrs. Darcy that Lauriol Plaza is muy excellente. I so need to work on my powers of teleportation. I miss you guys soooo much that I framed pics of us. They now sit above my computer on my ladder desk. I can't wait until May but if ya'll don't tell me if you want tickets to the Damien Rice show soon I'm gonna book up and you won't see me.....get it! Let me effing know!!!! Sorry, I stopped taking Lexapro and now I'm prone to rage. Ha j/k.

not really.


11:35 PM  
Blogger popodopalous said...

I am out Marc 11 - 14 and Snuff and I are out March 16 - 24th. But i would love to see the tangible creation that is your inner chaos! =)

9:06 AM  

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