Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's only fitting that I blog about my future mother-in-law on her birthday.

I was in Wisconsin this past weekend for my bridal shower there and "bachelorette party" which was really just dinner and drinks - exactly what I wanted.

Well, one of the best gifts I received is a beautiful scrapbook. Each person who was invited (I believe) received a page for the scrapbook and was asked to decorate it - I assume with something about us and my upcoming wedding. It truly is a beautiful and heartwarming gift that I will cherish forever. Everybody did a great job.

My future mother-in-law, along with my future sister-in-law did two pages and it's very nice. They included pictures, the lyrics to the song my future sister will sing at the wedding and some cute quotes about love and marriage. However, even with the best of intentions, two of the quotes are not exactly the most appropriate. I have included those here for you.

The first quote is interesting - perhaps better for a 5 year anniversary and also for a man. It reads "I got married by the Justice of the Peace and I ain't had no justice or peace since." Ok, interesting choice.

The second quote is just not appropriate at all and again, while I know she had the best of intentions, perhaps this one should have been removed. "Marriage wouldn't be so bad if people were as anxious to stay married as they are to get married."

Um, ok. I'm pretty sure I'm going in to this with my eyes wide open and planning to stay married forever. My parents may be divorced but I know my parents never loved each other the way ME and I do. Ask them, they'll agree. Also, we are going in to this knowing that divorce is simply not an option. So, I would say I am as anxious to stay married as I am to get married. Whatever! I know she tried and I appreciate the effort, I really do, but she might want to think sometimes about how these things can be taken the wrong way. Although, I'm not sure how anyone getting married wouldn't take offense to that quote.

Anyway, that's all I really got. The Big Ten Tournament starts on Thursday with my beloved Badgers scheduled to play on Friday. If anyone feels like watching a Big Ten basketball game this weekend - or watching the Badgers in the NCAA Tournament, I'm your girl!


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