Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thanks for asking, we did great in our SCUBA class. Here's an email I wrote to our family:

I am please to announce...That Snuff and I are the newest members of the SCUBA family. We took a 3 day course this weekend, with classroom work an exam and 5 dives and are now certified divers. We will do our open water course when we are down in Jamaica to become fully certified, meaning we can Scuba anywhere in the world. I am so proud of Snuff. For those of you who don’t know, Snuff never knew how to swim. For the past three weeks we have spent our nights at the local pool working on his strokes and overall comfort in the water. We had to pass an 8 length swim test and 10 minute water tread. He was wonderful.

And just to let you know HOW comfortable he has become, during our play time at the end of our class, Snuff and I were going to descend to the bottom and swim around. Well I descended down and as Snuff came right after me, he noticed that he hadn’t put his regulator in – he still had his snorkel in. Well I am sure that even those of you who haven’t taken the class know that the snorkel should be used at the surface – not at the bottom. Instead of freaking out, he calmly reached for his regulator, purged the water from his mouth and cleared his mask. He has come so far! We had someone who took a picture during the class, but it wasn’t digital, so we will send that and take more during our trip!


Blogger Scarlett said...

Gold Star to Popodop and Snuff for their accomplishment


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