Thursday, October 12, 2006

Selfless, Cold and Composed

We now almost have heat, people! This is fantastic since last night's temps dropped to 44 degrees. While I was shivered under the blankets, I tried to use the body heat of Rhett, Jody the dog & Billy the cat to keep warm. This is only effective until you have to make coffee in the morning. BRRRR! I say that we almost have heat because the radiators haven't warmed the whole house yet, so my fingers are still cold as they clack away at this here keyboard.

Our heating issues in great detail:
During the home inspection, the 2 year old boiler was not turned on therefore the inspector noted this, but could not examine it. We had the option to request that the owner turn it on for reinspection, however we, as naive first-timers, deemed such as unnecessary because 1) the boiler was so new 2) the previous owners had small children so I assumed they must have had working heat. Last week we called in a boiler technician to light the boiler for the Fall before the outside temperatures dropped. During his service call it was revealed that the boiler had been drained of all water. Also, a pressure valve had to replaced and the electrial board was not original and did not match the boiler make and model, therefore it too had to be replaced. $1,000 later and we have heat.

Scarlett's tips when you're considering a home:
Yes, I am referring to myself in the third person...get over it. Tip #1 - Assume nothing. Don't assume b/c kids lived there that the heat must be fully functionally and ready to use. Tip #2 - Don't just comment on the pretty pomogranate wall color of the bathroom, look to see if ACTUAL tile lines the shower as opposed to "tile board" which is not actually tile but rather painted wood. I failed to do this and now realize that this tile board needs replacing. Uh....yeah...we'll get to that just as soon as we replace the roof...oh, and then there is the tuckpointing of the entire house...oh, but don't forget the chimney that has loose bricks, gotta repair that too.....and repair some plaster....have the floors refinished...landscape the yard....furnish the entire house...relay flooring in the kitchen and mud room...speaking of the mudroom we still have to cut a whole in the floor to vent the dryer outside...oh and I forgot about the electrial rewiring that's priority #1. Just a few minor DIY's

Please do not assume that I am complaining because we love this house and all of it's quarks, like the way the lights dim when I run the washing machine and dish washer at the same time! We have made a noble, selfless commitment to restore an old Southern house. This house is my Tara. Rhett & I look forward to the day when AD (or Archectural Digest) knocks on the door requesting a photo shoot.

Clem keeps asking for photos. I'll get around to taking shots soon. Pinky swear!

MiTunes: been in a mellow / front porch coffee drinking / watching the leaves change sorta mood so listening to Zero 7 and as the title of this entry indicates Ben Folds Five.



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