Monday, October 16, 2006

Soon to be not-SWF seeks knowledgable Catholic

Ok so when I was in religious ed we had to go to confession during Lent... Or something like that but it was fun (if confession can be considered so) because we got to get out of my crazy religious ed teacher's house and go to the Church where everyone and their dog from our high school was with their religious ed class. There had both priests working that day and there would be a line out of the Church for Father Walsh and like 2 people in line for Father Daly. Now, not being one to wait in line (especially when Melrose Place was on at home) I decided to throw the dice and take my chances with Father Daly. Now I've blocked the rest of that story out of my mind but I vaguely remember leaving and telling my friend, Pam, that he was kind of mean. Fast forward to today. Er rewind to a couple of weeks ago instead. My mom and I are driving and gossiping as we are wont to do and she says "do you remember Father Walsh by any chance?" Now she said by any chance because we are not the most church going folk in the world but we definitely make to major holidays and I'm particularly fond of Midnight Mass and drag my family with me every year. BUT the crazy thing is I did remember Father Walsh and not just from the aformentioned story. So she says that he's retired/working at a church on the other side of town and lot of people my age have been asking him to do their ceremony so I'm like awesome. Now you can go ahead and fast forward to today where my mom called on the metro to say Father Walsh can do it and that he'd call me later on in the day to chat a bit and he's also like to see Mr Darcy and I when we come home for Thanksgiving.

So yeah rock on.... Or SO I THOUGHT. Or perhaps I've thought too much but AHHHH what if he asks if we're living together, what if he asks if Mr Darcy is Catholic (he's Episcopalian), what if he asks how much I go to Church or my views on women priests or a woman's choice or WHERE MY HYMEN IS?!?!?!? I think I'm going to throw up. I can't lie to the man-- that's totally worse.

He called and it went straight to voicemail because my reception sucks here so now I have to call back... HELP!


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

Popdop will have to help you with that one, being the good catholic that she is, but it seems she's boycotting all of us but Clem. I think she's acting out since three of us left her in that hell by herself.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

sorry - meant popodop - typed too fast. i amaze myself sometimes with how many words i can type a minute - they may not be legible but i can sure as hell type them.

5:04 PM  

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