Thursday, November 30, 2006

OOOPS! My bad, I realize now that I compromised the anonymity of this here blog on Snuffaluffacis' MySpace page. Won't happen again!

Speaking of Snuffaluffacis, I think we should extend the scope of this blog to include the male perspective, and whose perspective is better than his? His dry Irish wit may be just the thing 3 o'clock candy needs. Of course, it will have to be put to a vote and unlike Clem's Love Life Committee where Margeaux is banned for life for dissenting from the chair's advice, Margeaux's vote will count, albeit the 3/5 rule applies. Just kidding Margeaux!

Tonight was the inaugural meeting of the Mid-Week Drinking Club, currently comprised of me, Rhett and the previously mentioned "town cryer." We're accepting applications for membership. I feel it necessary in the spirit of honesty to admit that I'm drinking entirely too much these days. I believe my alcohol consumption may be at the root or at least contributing to my inability to sleep properly. It has also lead to an unhealthy habit of late night Steak-N-Shake runs, which make it difficult to lose weight despite my regular practice of calorie burning yardwork.

Oh, it's also note worthy to mention my new MySpace acquaintance is The Future Mrs. Darcy's little 14 year old sister, but not in a "To Catch A Predator" sorta way, but in a "let's guide the future generation to good music" sorta way. It seems that she credits me for introducing TFMD to the band Enon. She also likes the bands The Shins & The Ravonettes, whose album I've been revisiting this week. Such a smart girl. She has restored my faith in this younger generation's ability to recognize good music.



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