Thursday, November 30, 2006

So I printed out the last week and a half's worth of blog entries to read with me on the way home but I need to share a not so quick antecdote from my giant department meeting today.

This is the first giant department meeting held by my super super boss. He starts off by introducing new people in no real order but is sharing little stories about everyone and laugh about how hard everyone's name is and I think I've only met him twice so I'm sitting there like -- oh this is going to be horrible. BUT lo-and-behold he finishes up and moves on to a new topic so - sweet - flew in under the radar. Or so I thought until I hear my boss and super boss behind me pipe up- "You forgot Kristen!" then 2 other bosses in different departments are you like "You forgot so and so too". So super super boss is like "Oh- I"m so sorry" and shuffles through his cards and starts to talk about Omar and then gives up and is like "well I'll just have you say some things about yourself-- Omar stand up" so as you can see things are now running wildly out of control. So Omar gets up and says some nice things and then he turns to me and is like "Here you can talk with the microphone"

Let me now say firmly that I should never be given a microphone even when sober and especially if I was unaware I will be talking in front of my entire department.

SO I get the microphone and I am pretty sure my speech went like this:

"Hi my name is XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX. It's a long one too but will be getting shorter soon. I'm getting married soon. Next year. I'll be going from 10 letters to 3. It's soon gonna be Cox! Yeah but I feel like I have turrets when I say it loud. [insert shocked laughter from the crowd] Yeah... Umm I'm from upstate new york. [I put down the microphone] I probably don't need - I'm pretty loud - I used to do theatre in high school. Ummm I worked at [insert company we used to work at]. Oh and I'm a production graphic designer here. Umm so I worked at [insert company we used to work at] and have basically been following K.T. Around the DC area in design jobs. Umm great. Thanks"

Needless to say since this meeting that ended at 2 every time I've gotten up I've run into someone who is like "I liked your speech, ha ha"


Blogger popodopalous said...

F*ing hilarious speech!

2:19 PM  

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