Monday, December 04, 2006

Recent Obsessions

My breakfast obsession of Nestle's Carnation Instant Breakfast has waned since Clem is no longer giving me her unwanted vanilla packets. This has been replaced with bagels shmeared with Philadelphia Cream Swirls: Triple Berries 'N Cream. For an added treat try a blueberry bagel! Of course I continue to enjoy the best orange juice, Simply Orange, especially now that my FIL buys in it bulk for us at the commissary. No, I don't think he realizes that it's perishable. Did I mention that FIL's hobby is grocery shopping? His children love this hobby as we all benefit from free provisions.

Joyce Carol Oates' writings. Currently reading The Female of the Species, which is described as a collection of short stories where the protagonists deal with the evil that both surrounds them and is within them. It's kind of dark, but very well written. Especially recommended to those who enjoy the aggressive tone on Beyonce's Ring the Alarm. Oh, that reminds me - Rhett get me some coffee!

Barbara Streisand! As if you couldn't tell with the many impromptu sing-a-longs I performed on the blog last week. I checked out Funny Girl from the library and now I can't stop. Funny Lady has now been added to my Netflix queue. Speaking of Netflix, I was happy to add The Future Mrs. Darcy to my Friends List sans Mr. Darcy. I'm glad that you took Rhett and my marital advice - Don't share - be it computers, work space, cars, or Netflix queue. Trust us, it's just better this way. No longer must a consensus be reached about campy high-school movies featuring dance-off, karate-offs, band-offs, sing-offs, debate-offs, or track-offs.

Emerging Obsessions

Though only just added to iTunes yesterday, I've listened to Ray LaMontagne's album repeatedly. What an old soul! Do yourselves a favor and get this for you or a loved one with questionable musical taste. One of my favorites is titled Jolene. Oh that muse Jolene, who transcends genres and inspired one of the greatest country songs EVER, Jolene by Dolly Parton brilliantly covered by The White Stripes. Now Jolene gets to add a new notch to her lipstick case with Ray's note of unrequited love.

- Scarlett


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