Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your detox.

Many have followed down this illustrious road including Brit Brit, La Lohan, and, recently, a Mr. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

First let me tell you that on, let's say, this Sunday you will think to yourself "Wow, I'm doing so good! I'm so impressed with myself- I must have done this for- what... Hmm [counts] FOUR FUCKING DAYS?!?! This feels like it should have been at least two weeks" And that will continue for the next 3 weeks. Or at least that was what it was in my opinion. Aaand frankly that was kind of scary.

Anyway. Not much else going on in my world. Margeaux's shower and bachelorette were fun. Unfortunately the videos from the bar came out much darker than I thought so you really can't see much (although I plan to see if I can lighten them in iMovie) and I think I hit the button too many times so the last movie (which i vaguely remember is the best) was not taping at the time. I have this montage planned but it's been too nice out for me to do anything about it.

Interesting about Canada as well. I had a sweet but not quite sickly sweet conversation with OJ yesterday where we tread the very familiar ground of she hates her job while blatantly leaving out any mention of her re-on-again again again again again boyfriend, Ike Turner. Whatever. I just wrote a whole thing about it but deleted it since really- no one cares. Including me and that's kind of a problem when you don't care about a giant part of your friend's life.

OH. I nearly forgot. This weekend I will be report on location from some Hilton in Centreville out by Dulles at Mr. Darcy and my- ENGAGED ENCOUNTER. [insert Twilight Zone music here]. I'm going to force Mr. Darcy to bring his laptop (I'm sure it'll be a huge arm twist... NOT) (hahah I just said NOT like it's 1992 and we just left Wayne's World) ....

(Party time. Excellent) ....

ANYWAY I'm going to try and bring you guys up to the minute/hour/eating period/day information. Look forward to such interesting topics like - I have to have a friggin roommate and I generally dislike most people so... That'll be great. AND Why do we need to bring a non-perishable food items snack to share?

Ahhh this reminds me of my Confirmation Retreat. We weren't allowed to bring watches so we weren't constantly seeing how long we had left but my friend, Pam, was in front of me in line so I knew it was coming and smuggled it in. And then I SOMEHOW ended up with the cool kids who snuck out in the middle of the night and had a bonfire in the woods. Oh note: in the words of Mr. Darcy's co-worker at the St. B's Annual Auction that we are invited to b/c Mr. Darcy's boss' kids go there as well as it's a client of theirs and Mr. Darcy's co-workers' kids go there too- "it's like the Catholic Mafia or something. Everytime you try to get out- they pull you back in." Anyway our Catholic school at home doesn't go past 8th grade and our public schools are REALLY good it ends up that all the insanely spoiled rich pampered deviants were also in the youth group mafia and at times we were all lumped together sometimes not cool kids [read: me] got to do cool kid things. AND it was run by the grade above so not only did I get to hang out with cool kids but OLDER COOL KIDS. AAAAAAAAND on another night the older boys told us ghost stories and scared the shit out of me in particular. EEEE! That trip was as close as my life ever came to Saved by the Bell. And it still kind of sucked. Notable crap parts was the discussion of Joan Osbourne's "What if God were one of us" and candlelight vigils. Candlelight ceremonies are a little too cult for me.

I vaguely remember telling that to my vice-principal in high school at the Honor Society ceremony.


LASTLY: who wants a new website of really expensive vaguely crafty housewares to look at?


Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

I am very thankful that the videos came out too dark! Nobody needs to see whatever it was I was doing. And, I do remember stumbling to the last bar and am also grateful that didn't turn out either. God must love me today!

1:27 PM  

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