Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thanks for managing my expectations on detox, TFMD. 3 Days and it doesn't seem to be too bad although, I'm attending a wedding for Mrs. Belding's bro on Saturday. Yeah, he's getting married at a winery. I thanked Mrs. Belding for the invite to crash in their hotel room if we were not in a shape to drive. I told her that we won't be drinking and I could hear in her voice the guarded surprise. No big deal, yet!

So anyway on to Canada. She wrote me about how her child is now walking and talking. They have been spending some "lovely" days at the park. Who, says "lovely"? Not sure what to say to her. Mrs. Belding had just recently emailed Canada pics of the baby pirate, so that was prolly the catalyst for her email to me.

I think I'll just say:

Oh! sorry for the delay in my response but I'm very busy. I work two jobs and with the work I'm doing on the house, I barely have time for myself. (Which is complete bullshit and she'd know that if she ever looked at MySpace)

I feel like I should manage her expectations of visiting her in the Fall at her new house. See, they are moving in the late summer to upstate NY where her husband got a job. Last time we spoke I told her that we were going to a wedding in Albany in the Fall. She of course was like, "Oh since you'll be an hour away, you should come to my houes" Well, how about - we don't want to. The last time they were in STL, they didn't come to see me or my brand new house (a mere two hours away). I mentioned to Canada that while in NY we were hoping to go into Manhattan to see the city and see a mutual friend of ours. Now, I'm thinking 1) we can't go into the city - Fuck it! I almost said I can't do something out of polite niceities. Fuck that! If I want to go into Manhattan, then I'll effing go, to hell with her and her expectations.

See, I am now directing my anger outward, not inward. Phew! I feel better. And look it's 8:55 a.m. and I haven't even had a drink! Yay me! Picture of sobriety.



Blogger Margeaux Kramer said...

Definitely better to direct your anger outward than inward. You do not have an obligation to her. She has not been there for you for the past year and you owe her nothing. Being in Albany in Sept. will give you a chance to see those who have been there for you and who care about you all the time - not just when it's convenient for them.

I also think that the four of us (you, me, Popodop & Clem) should all arrange to try to get in around the same time and then just get two rental cars instead of one each. So, that gives you an out also to say "we are sharing a rental car with friends so we won't be able to make it over. sorry."

11:15 AM  

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