Monday, October 16, 2006

Cold, Allergies or Karma Kicking My Ass???
I'm sick, this sucks. I think it's a cold - coupled with my allergies from George the stray cat. I lay awake at night hacking and cough so much I give myself a headache. Have you ever done that before? It hurts! Breathing appears to be a chore too but that may be karma kicking my ass though b/c I recently caved and bought a pack of cigarettes. I know, I know - bad idea, what was I thinking, etc. etc. Truth be told I wasn't thinking. I was drinking and I wanted a cigarette and there was nobody around for me to bum from (largely b/c I was at home) so I went and bought a pack. Deal with it. No idea how many drinks I would owe Clem and Ms. Darcy for that one but it's not August so the deal is off.
In other unrelated news, we hired someone to officiate our wedding yesterday. He seems nice but I'm actually a little bit scared of him. Not sure why but that can't be a good sign. Turns out he also does some work for my employer so I'll be dealing with him occassionally in a professional capacity as well. Is that a little strange to anyone else? Otherwise wedding plans are fine - I'm sure you were concerned. I'm currently talking myself out of the floral centerpieces I wanted in an effort to save money. I'll settle for what the site provides but let me say it is not my first choice so don't tell me my centerpieces are ugly - I have no choice. The only comments I want to hear all night are "you look beautiful", "can i get you a drink" and "sweet, there's an open bar" b/c after the ceremony takes place (b/c we all know it's about the marriage and not the wedding) it's all about the reception and the best receptions have open bars. I expect you to represent and not let me down. Arg, if only this could all be over and I could be drinking at my wedding reception now, life would be SO much better! Wedding planning is NOT fun - at most it's bearable but not exactly fun. Sorry Ms. Darcy but best you hear it here first.


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