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Monday, October 29, 2007

I have no idea when I last actually wrote and filled anyone in on my going ons. Maybe because there isn't so much going on in my life. However, I can fill ya'll in on the mundane and boring but first must ask that Mrs. Darcy share her address with us. Perhaps not on this forum but in some other format (i.e. email) would be appreciated.

As for my life - it is there. It is ordinary and not exciting and I'm ok with that. I am going to Wisconsin this weekend to see my friends which will be nice. Planned the trip around MJ's 30th birthday. Between babies and parties, I don't foresee a lot of sleep in my future this weekend and expect to be exhausted and slightly crabby come Sunday.

Unfortunately, I will need to play nice and happy on Sunday because my aunt and uncle will be in town this weekend and I will be having dinner with them on Sunday. Should be interesting.

Let's see - what else? So not exciting but a short story to share. Got home from work last Monday and almost flipped the fuck out. I looked up at our apt. and noticed that shockingly we were missing the screen from our bedroom window. There was the curtain flapping outside in the wind like it was totally normal. Found the screen next to the office but we were unable to put it back in and then as Mr. K tried, he dropped it again - 3 stories - and managed to break it more than it already was. Now you may be wondering how a screen falls 3 stories out of a window. I have no concrete answer for you but I have an idea. And that idea has to do with one crazy ass kitten who likes to scratch and push on the screen. Since she was still in the apt. alive and not lying dead on the ground I have no proof but think it's a safe assumption.

So now to respond to other's posts/questions. In no particular order:

  1. I am not going as anything for Halloween. I hate Halloween.
  2. Grey's. I tried cheering for Meredith. I really did. I wanted her to get her shit together and make it work. McDreamy is perfect and I wanted it to work. Now I often want to reach through the TV and punch her. I get it - she has abandonment issues. My response - GET THE F OVER IT! I still like her and try to root for her but she makes it hard
    1. I like Christina but I'm getting tired of her calling her interns by numbers. I know she wants to be the new nazi but she's not and no matter how she tries she'll never be.
    2. George/Callie/Izzy. First I'd like to point out that completely unintentionally I have a cat named George and a cat named Callie. My friend has a cat named Izzy. We discussed putting the 3 of them together to fight it out and decide who lives but decided that was not worth it. Anywho, I'm torn on this issue. I don't mind George and Izzy together so much. It's not like she's got a lot of other options and they are best friends. However, I don't feel bad for her at all or agree with her position since she is a homewrecker.
  3. Scarlett freaking out and being neurotic. You are a very talented photographer. You really need to stop questioning your abilities. You are slightly more neurotic than Clem these days but that might only be b/c Clem doesn't share every detail of her love life with us anymore. But that's neither here nor there. You are very good at what you do and I feel like you need a bit of Stuart Smalley in your life. Maybe Daily Affirmations will help. If not, perhaps alcohol is the way to go. :)
Um, I think that's about it. I should probably do some work. Hope all is well with you ladies and that you have a good week. I am thrilled b/c mine is only 4 days. Those are the best!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

no longer crazy...yesterday went fine. I seriously don't know why I get so worked up.

Anywho, I feel remiss on the whole "keeping up with the goings on in my friends' lives" at the moment. Sorry for the lack of communique. I've been otherwise preoccupied with trying to make plastic action figures look high art.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

As you can read from the time stamp it's friggin' early. Why, you ask, am I blogging when 1.) I have no point and 2.) I should be sleeping? Because at the moment I'm crippled with self-doubt / anxiety over a entirely volunteer photog assignment at my friends' church's U2charist.

I know what you're about to ask 1) why are you crippled with self-doubt and 2) what in the name of all that is holy is a U2charist?

1.) Answer: Because I'm possibly more neurotic than Clementine it just takes longer for everyone to realize it. Just kidding. Because I seem to be regressing in my photo skills. As I improve in my film class, I'm becoming less and less confident on my digital camera. AHHHH....deep breaths, I know.

2) Answer: A U2charist is an event celebrating the Episcopal church's adoption of the United Nation's Millenium Development Goals, like eradicating poverty and empowering women in third world countries. So this is a fundraiser / awareness raiser. There will be a special church service incorporating U2 music in the processional, sermon and communion complete with a slide show at the altar. It's a lot like We Are The World without Michael Jackson or Huey Lewis.

I just finished reading The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. And I loved it! As an admitted Anglophile I can really love this coming of age story about post-war liberation and an emotional study on the place we call home.

My next reading will be Life of Pi, one of the few books Rhett has actually read in years that doesn't have the words: investment, stock or market in the title. Try as I might, I just don't get people who read nothing but expository text.

In other news we're buying carpet tiles for the mud room since it's October and the floors are freakin' cold. Want to see?

Okay, let's try this sleep thing again.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Responses, an Open Letter to Gremlins, and Movies I've seen Recently
- only not in that order.

1) An Open Letter to Gremlins:

Dear Gremlins,

I know you have a job to do and what not but stop stealing my emery boards and tweezers. It is totally not cool and pisses me off to no end. I know you like returning the tweezers to insane places like my sweater drawer to make me completely insane and this is the reason I have approximately 2.6 billion pairs of tweezers. This kind of freaks guests out when they visit as well because no one should have a pair of tweezers in every nook and cranny. Conversely you seem to hoard all of the emery boards in your secret Gremlin lair. Now I don't know what you may be doing with all of them, and frankly I don't really care, but surely you don't need every last one ESPECIALLY the 5 sided one that I use with the little buffer side that my mom got me.

So give it fucking back.


2) Movies I've seen lately:
  • Annapolis: sucked, and i can usually handle sucky movies but this may the suckiest movie to ever have sucked.
  • 4 Brothers: though i didn't see this entirely i'm confident in reporting it sucked as well
  • The Family Stone: It was ... okay. It tried. I cried but then again I cry when cute puppies frolic on TV or when anyone else on TV cries or says the word "cry" so they can't really use that as proof of involvement.
  • Shut Up and Sing: the Dixie Chicks documentary. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Dixie Chicks and I could be best friends. Although middle/southern of the U.S. scares the shit out of me. More than I knew it could and cemented why Mr. Darcy and I realized the MD/VA border was as south as we are able to handle.
  • An Inconvenient Truth: This was part of a "I'm home alone and somehow getting free movie channel cable" with the previous movies and was interesting but a lot of info to take in on the tail end of such a movie filled weekend.
  • Across the Universe: Amazing. Loveloveloved it! Scarlett- your new celeb crush awaits you.
  • Green Street Hooligans: This movie kicked ass. Mr. Darcy and I want to join a football firm and throw bricks at others and speak in all sorts of crazy slang and drink and watch matches and wear zip up Adidas track suits but politely request that no one throw bricks at us or attempt to hurt us in any way. Oh and I was wondering if I could get the tattoo slightly smaller and in a less conspicuous place.
  • A small clip from the really old Pride and Prejudice: from the 10 seconds I did watch it kind of sucked. Laurence Olivier- you may have married Vivian Leigh but you are no match for Colin and Matthew.
3) Responses:

I think I'm the only person who kind of roots for Meredith in Grey's. I like everyone although the George/Izzy thing is kind of gross in an incestuous sort of way. And i super hate what I have seen of Meredith's stupid annoying sister who (some of you may note) was Pacey's stupid annoying suicidal OCD girlfriend and the sister of the gay character who's name I can never remember. If she does anything with McDreamy-- well let's just say i won't be responsible for what happens. And sure, that's probably b/c i won't do anything except bitch to the next person that brings it up but whatever. Oh and that reminds me I probably should read up on the last 2 or 3 episodes i've missed on televisionwithoutpity.com. We didn't have DVR until this week. And then last night it was stupid baseball and i was already taping other things....

And second response: I'm going as Alicia Grissom from the 1st Batman (Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson/Kim Bassinger version). Alicia was Jerry Hall's character- who was the mob doll who got scarred by acid. Woo-hoo!

Here's a link: http://www.themakeupgallery.info/disfigured/facial/batman.htm

And speaking/writing of that- considering halloweenish things are coming up-- ooooh TOMORROW- Mr. Darcy and I better get our asses in gear and go a-costume-shopping today.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So Halloween is a week away....what is everyone dressing up as??

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Topic: Grey's

okay so stream of conscienceness here, but Mrs. Belding made me watch "Catch & Release" with her newly discovered celebrity crush Timothy Olyphant and the chick protagonists' name was Gray. And I thought "huh, unorignal" then I found it irritating b/c Gray's dead fiance was supposed to be name Grady. Gray and Grady - who comes up with this shit?

I stopped watching Grey's when The O.C. announced it was in it's last season. The O.C. won out in the 8:00 CST time slot for Scarlett's tv viewing. But, more than Meredith, I dislike Izzy. Yeah, yeah, she was funny-ish in "Knocked Up" but there is something I don't like about her. Cristina, I concur, is fan-effing-tastic. Dr. McDreamy - is cute, but I hear in real life is kinda a wienie. (Did I spell wienie right?) McSteamy - Don't Get It. And thank God I didn't see the spin off w/ Dr. Redhead for lack of name, b/c I'd have said they jumped the shark!

So as for ABC's line up:
I'm done w/ Greys
I'm loving Ugly Betty on dvd
I don't care / know about anything else


Friday, October 12, 2007

Ok- so it's been a while since I've checked in. I'm sorry.

Not too much to report on. As Scarlett mentioned, I decided to take an active approach in searching for jobs. I have a lot last weekend, so I will follow-up next week. I will keep you posted.

Um...oh! So the boss did a friend request on Facebook. Talk about awkward. I haven't accepted yet, I'm thinking I was just added when they imported the address book.

Other news.
Grey's Theory- Apparently I have drama in my life (who knew). So a avid watcher of Grey's suggested I start watching. She thinks because there is so much drama on the show, I will focus on that therefore reducing any issues I may create in my own life. So I tried to watch it last night with a friend.
Here is my problem. I get annoyed with Meredith. She just bothers me...I don't know if it's the way she talks or how whiny she is, but it makes me want to kill her. Well that may be a stretch. I would ban her from the show.
Christina, however, is my favorite. As I say this aloud, my friend said "Oh I don't like her at all. She is weird. She kinda reminds me of you, non-emotional"
Nice. Boost for the self esteem. She then makes another (possibly very true statement) "Maybe that's why you like her, because you can relate to her"

Fair enough. I think for that reason alone, I may start watching on a more regular basis.

And if I like her that much, I may have to change my name to Christina.

Now, for the discussion part. Who watches Greys, who do you relate to, and who do you think we resemble?


Well since I have gotten quite a bit done today, I will eschew my google reader for a little longer and instead catch up on my blogging before I get to ORGANIZE MY BATHROOM SHELVES.

Woo... yeah. WOO!

That is actually a very good example of the frightening turn of events in my marriage. You see, Mr. Darcy and I tied the knot, whisked away to NYC before jaunting down to Me-hi-co. And let me tell you- married life was phenomenal. Little did I know beforehand that being married means getting up when you want and lazily trekking over to the breakfast buffet and grabbing some tasty papa munchers (tater tots magically infused with just a little bit of cheese) before deciding which pool to sit out by that day. You started drinking around noon and got some snacks from the snack hut and watched some entertainment when you felt like taking a moment from the latest book you were reading and splish splash in the pool at will.

Cards were usually playing in the early afternoon before you retired to the room to watch a movie from the jacuzzi or take a late siesta to prepare yourself for the evening. Then there was the difficult decision of what free restaurant to frequent that night. There were shows or bars or pool tables or giant chess sets for drunken chess in the evening before heading in for the evening. Maybe you'd do the same thing the next day or maybe you'd go see ruins or go snorkling who knew? It was all an adventure. There were lizards to prove it. And I nearly convinced myself I spoke fluent spanish. All was well.

Then... something happened. Food at paradise wasn't as wonderful the 13th day in a row and my lips swelled up worse than Barbara Hershey after some bad collagen. And I swear I didn't take anything from the damn snake at Tulum- i just ran away from it and put my sneakers back on. No apples offered and/or accepted.

Then something worse happened. They made us leave. All of a sudden we were in the customs line at JFK and people were still speaking spanish despite we were in the U.S. line except this spanish was not from nice smiling papa muncher providing people but ugly UGLY mean people.

Then we realize Mr. Darcy has lost his cell phone which is endlessly annoying then there was more moving and living in a basement for a spell then more moving and a tense night where we thought the couch wouldn't make it in the apartment then taking off doors then 4 trips to the FUCKING REGISTRY OF MOTOR VEHICLES due to the NATIONAL DRIVE REGISTRY being down. YES. The computer system that links ALL 50 STATES. DOWN. NOT WORKING. On multiple trips. Be afraid. Very afraid. Then one DMV/RMV wouldn't accept an auto insurance bill only an electric or cable bill and something from social security with my new address wasn't acceptable either (despite my feelings that social security is higher up than the f-ing DMV in the hierarchy of things but WHATEVER) and she's telling me this after i spent an hour trying to find the place that was in a mall of all places and didn't have a sign in front only a mention in an "additional parking" sign and there it played second fiddle on the list to an Old Country Buffet and i wait an hour in this hell hole and all of a sudden my paperwork isn't good enough and i'm thinking about burning the whole place to the ground but the Carrie action isn't working so i settle for SCREAMING and crying on the phone to Mr. Darcy on the way out. And the "check engine" light was on AGAIN. And there are one way streets everywhere. But the last two in general- not at the crappy DMV/RMV.

And at this point this is the 4th day we'd been sleeping on the hard wood floor and THERE IS NO DRINK OF THE DAY IN SIGHT. Quite troublesome.

So now i finally have a license and car insurance and city parking sticker and whatnot but i have to do things like grocery shopping and PAY FOR FOOD AND ALCOHOL and i'm kind of excited about organizing my bathroom shelves with my coolio pull out shelves from the Container Store but- honestly- still no drink of the day.

BUT we did FINALLY get a bed and the various ailments have been cured/caused/then cured again by dried cranberries, name brand (can't remember which one) fever blister lip stuff, danon activia, tums, advil, excedrin, pepto bismol, more tums, and midol over the last 2 weeks so that is good.

So that is that.

I must take JUST A SMIDGE of time to address Scarlett.

Dear Scarlett,

I thank you greatly for your shower presents. I am quite thankfully I was drinking when I read the first of your two books, being the short stories. I think the alcohol helped my brain absorb a little better. Let it be known that I read the whole book on a day where Mr. Darcy and I had visited another MUCH SMALLER resort to attempt to get beach time and it rained all day so we sat in chairs in the corner of the nicely decorated lobby and read and drank all day. I read the first story about the 10 men and stopped and exclaimed to Mr. Darcy "HOLY FUCK THIS IS SOME MESSED UP SHIT". I must admit I was slightly frightened it would be another "She's come undone" experience and you'd be blacklisted forever from recommending books to me but thankfully that is not the case. They were indeed very odd but didn't leave a bad aftertaste.

I cannot fully comment on the second book since I'm only 2/3s through but I have already failed once due to a poor encounter with gyspies and have unfortunately missed cool Sense and Sensibility and Emma side stories so I've held my place and are checking those out (not tracking points) but checking them out. Currently this is where I stand:

Failures: resentful; love of walking; no style, taste or beauty; inadequate knowledge of embroidery; incredibly nosy; blind partiality; willful prejudice; poor timed liveliness; ill-timed sense of humor; unhappily small portion; no real friends; unfortunate penchant for penniless men; no governess; all 5 sisters out at once; breathtakingly poor judge of character; blind, partial, prejudiced, and absurd; and lack of influence.

I read those to Mr. Darcy and I'm fairly sure he now believes me to be totally insane but he did remark that it was quite accurate in some parts.

Accomplishments: knowledge of boulanger; highly observant; reasonable piano playing skills; and once spent a day at Weston-super mare.

Intelligence: 450

Confidence: 330

Fortune: 80. Which is a very good since i was negative for a spell there.

That is the updates on those.


Now to the bathroom to organize!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Have we replaced blogging with the ever growing circle of social networking sites? I can't keep up with all of them.

Clem, how is the job hunt going?


Monday, October 01, 2007

Okay, so fitting that The Fabulous Mrs. Darcy should return to the states around the time that I see Becoming Jane. It's been all Jane Austen all the time at the Butler residence lately. I advice you all go see my new celebrity crush James McAvoy, who usurps my former celebrity crush named James: James Purefoy from Rome. If you haven't watched all of Rome I recommend that as well. Le sigh, dude. Le effing sigh.

So I'll update you all on my photog class. I suck at art. I am neither deep or inventive unless of course you all like photos of a giant 14ft tall cow from a dairy's parade float. I enjoy the process of developing film and creating prints, but I'm afraid I'm lacking in the "art" department. I don't want to be a freakin' artist. I want people to pay me to take portraits of their weddings, kids & dogs. My friends who are artists tell me I have to take time developing my artistic side and that I can't expect to be a friggin' genius 3 weeks into my intro class. So, I'm supposed to just relax and "let the art wash over me."

If you all hadn't read from my MySpace blog I took a few photographs of some gasoline tankers, which prompted the local police to investigate. Oops. My bad!

currently wearing a nail polish named "Scarlett Letter" of course!