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Friday, March 30, 2007


As previously mentioned...I'm well on my well to being highly inebriated, but what better way to be on a Friday night? I have a brand new Spin and Domino magazines and I plan to watch some guilty pleasure dvd and chill tonight, while Rhett plays WOW. Anyway, I know that I have a quiz on my MySpace page, but I thought I'd write a part II for my 3:00 pals.

Here goes:

1.) Let's say I could pick any job on the planet and lead singer of the coolest band ever was taken, so was photographer and movie critic, which would I choose?

a) namer of nail polish / cosmetics / paint colors
b) sales associate at an over-price merchant of housewares
c) dog groomer
d) professional video gamer

2.) I'm stuck in an elevator. What am I likely to do?

a) play Sudoku
b) hyperventilate
c) sing every song in the Burt Bacharach catolog until rescued b/c elevators have good acoustics
d) bite my nails

3.) What kind of car do I drive?

a) Red Nissan Sentra
b) Red Mazada 626
c) Red Toyota Corolla
d) Red Mitsubishi Eclipse

4.) Which band did I not see in D.C. at the 9:30 Club?

a) Tegan & Sarah
b) The Bravery
c) that band (Zox) with the drummer that The Future Mrs. Darcy went to high school with
d) The White Stripes

5.) What white wine will you never see me drink?

a) Chardonnay
b) White Zinfendel
c) Pinot Grigio
d) Chenin Blanc

Part II) And why?

6.) Who is my favorite female jazz singer?

a) Ella Fitzgerald
b) Nina Simone
c) Nancy Wilson
d) Billie Holiday

7.) Where did Rhett and I marry?

a) a winery
b) a hotel
c) an art gallery
d) a garden

8.) Besides my Cheer Bear & Jem Halloween costumes, which character did I fittingly protray?

a) Velma from Scooby Doo
b) Veronica from Archie
c) Ms. Piggy
d) Smurfette

9.) What is my favorite Cal Tort menu item?

a) Thai Chicken Burrito
b) Chicken Cesar Burrito
c) Steak Quesadilla
d) BBQ Ranch Burrito

10.) What would I rather do on a Friday night (besides get drunker by myself and blog)?

a) Bougie bar a la Zola in the District with wine and cocktails then off to the theatre (pronounced THE-AH-TAH)
b) Watch crime drama on tv
c) Clean my house
d) Paint my toenails

Extra Bonus Points: Name the best effing rock experience of my entire freaking life.

Extra Extra Bonus Points: What neighborhood did I live in during my STL years?

Extra Extra Extra Bonus Points: What 90's television series with a lead actress of whom I have been told I resemble have I checked out from the library recently?

Extra Extra Extra Bonus Points: Who is my favorite movie critic?

Good Luck Bitches!

I was waiting and giving Pop, Snuff and Scarlett a chance to answer Clem's quiz (and TFMD's from weeks ago) but since you haven't done so yet, I suppose you are unlikely to actually ever do it. SO, in order to help Clem and TFMD fight Friday boredom, I have created a quiz all about me (not to be confused with ME) to see how well you actually know me. I'm also hoping this will provide me entertainment and make me not so pissy at work today. On that note - here it is.

1. When did Margeaux and ME meet?
a. Labor Day weekend
b. July 4th
c. Memorial Day weekend
d. random Saturday at the bar

2. What is Margeaux’s favorite movie?
a. Love Actually
b. The American President
c. Dodgeball
d. American Beauty

3. What kind of flower is Margeaux’s tattoo?
a. sunflower
b. rose
c. pansy
d. violet

4. Where did Margeaux almost move instead of DC?
a. San Francisco
b. San Diego
c. Seattle
d. New York City

5. When will Margeaux celebrate her golden birthday?
a. she already did at 28
b. 29
c. 30
d. 31

6. When did Margeaux graduate from college?
a. 1999
b. 2000
c. 2001
d. 2002

7. What is Margeaux’s favorite flavor of candy?
a. Blue raspberry
b. Watermellon
c. Apple
d. Cherry

8. What sport did Margeaux participate in during high school?
a. Swimming
b. Gymnastics
c. Softball
d. Cross country

9. What sorority was Margeaux in?
a. Kappa Kappa Gamma
b. Kappa Alpha Theta
c. Gamma Phi Beta
d. Alpha Chi Omega

10. How many states (including the district) have I lived in?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
7. 6

Bonus: put these MTV shows in order from Margeaux’s favorite to least favorite
Laguna Beach (seasons 1 & 2), My Super Sweet 16, The Hills, Engaged and Underage, Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Thursday, March 29, 2007

(as La Sicilian and the BFG would say)

I think I started throwing around times for everyone to get together NEARLY A MONTH AGO and now it's almost April so HERE IT IS:

Mr. Darcy and I will be at a soon to be figured out disclosed bar/restaurant in the DC area tonight, preferably near a metro.

Scarlett- please start driving now so you can make it by 7:30.

If you plan on attending let me know in case we get a table.

EDITED TO ADD: With Scarlett's considerable help it has been decided on M & S Grill at 7:30 and we have been told to stay at the bar as opposed to sitting. We are told to watch out for Ho-ish Au Pairs though... consider yourselves warned.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I refuse to watch baseball or basketball, no matter, I still expect an invite. Whatup with that?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

HEY CLEM- where's my bbq invite?!!?!? I'll even watch basketball I swear!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Gosh this weekend I hung out with my retail co-workers for the sole purpose of gathering hilarious blog worthy material, but to no avail. Saturday night was Michael Scott On Steroids' birthday and 4 of us ended up at the casino just across the stateline. I can't imagine an evening with alcohol & gambling being more unworthy of blogging.

Upside - I got my picture w/ a 20 ft tall Superman statue.

So disappointed. I hope everyone else had a more interesting weekend.

Oh! But I did buy the entire Amy Winehouse album and can't stop listening to it, which is good b/c it has replaced "Give It To Me" by Timbaland.

Also worthy of mentioning....I've had to call the pest control again b/c an unidentified spider crawled across my ceiling and has me creeped as all get out. Of course this happened a half hour after the following: while doing yard work, which incidentally takes up ALL my free time, a wolf spider was spotted walking out of the pile of undecomposed leaves I was bagging. This resulted in me jumping back 20 ft and screaming like a girl. I will spare you all from nightmares by NOT posting a picture of this horrible looking arachnid.

Sweet dreams,

Friday, March 23, 2007

ok- to beat my Friday boredom, I am stealing TFMD’s idea and creating a quiz.

Same format- 9 multiple choice questions and 1 extra credit.
Good Luck & no cheating!!

Here we go:

1. Clem’s beer of choice is:
A. Miller Lite
B. Blue Moon
C. Guinness
D. Corona

2. What is Clem’s middle name?
A. She doesn’t have one
B. Ann
C. Elizabeth
D. Michelle

3. Which place has Clem not visited:
A. San Diego
B. Bahamas
C. US Virgin Islands
D. St. Louis

4. Approximately how late is Clem to work everyday?
A. 15-30 mins
B. 30-45 mins
C. 45mins- 1hr mins
D. Never

5. How long have Clem and Cam been ‘hanging out’?
A. 3 months
B. 4 months
C. 5 months
D. 6 months

6. Which bone has Clem not broken:
A. Wrist
B. Foot
C. Arm
D. Finger

7. What is Clem’s cat’s name?
A. Zoe
B. Hessie
C. Holly
D. Masey

8. Which sorority was Clem in?
A. Phi Mu
B. Sigma Kappa
C. Sigma Sigma Sigma
D. Zeta Tau Alpha

9. What does Clem’s tattoo depict?
A. Greek Letters
B. Angel
C. Sun
D. Flower

Bonus Question:
How old was Clem when she moved to VA?
21, 22, 23, 24, 25

So I've told Clem to make herself a wee quiz as well in her imminent boredom this afternoon so I want to give everyone my answers first:

If you haven't taken the quiz yet and don't want to see the answers: DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200 AND PROCEED STRAIGHT TO THE QUIZ

1) What are the names of The Future Mrs. Darcy's breast according to her super gay high school friend?

b) Fred and Ted. Suckiest boob names ever. I was not pleased that they seemed like an ambiguously gay duo and since everyone guessed it anyway I might change it to Betty and Veronica (c) which is much cooler.

2) What is The Future Mrs. Darcy's favorite food?

c) cheese. I love me some cheese. Most especially sharp cheddar, Land O Lakes white american deli slices (which i had to breakfast this morning), and most recently brie.

3) What does The Future Mrs. Darcy believe to be the superior Law and Order?

a) regular Law and Order. Bonus point if anyone would have mentioned Jerry Orbach. And i would have broken all ties to anyone who said d) Trial by Jury. Unfortunately/thankfully neither of those happened.

4) What is the most quoted TV Show in the Darcy household/chaos vortex?

a) The Simpsons.
BY A LANDSLIDE. Sure, I will break out in a "Me likey jumpy. Me likey jumpy." or "This is where my babies comes from" (both from my FAVORITE Family Guy episode- Lethal Weapons where Lois takes karate lessons) or talk about wanting to "drive to Hogwarts" or start singing "Dick in the Box" in the shower (SNL, duh), or even say "I'm gay for God" or this other line which is totally escaping me at the moment from my favorite It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "Hundred Dollar Baby" which now that I think about I might buy from itunes since the dvd i brought to watch at work today isn't working but that is neither here nor there. What IS here AND there is that every "excellent" you kids read on a day to day basis online is a Mr. Burns excellent. But at home it get much more arcane in the references: "Ahh Cobras"... "Look at me I'm a business jerk"... "64 Slices of American Cheese"... "Tomacco"-- Ok i've changed my mind. You can not know all the other ones but GOOD LORD you need to be familiar with the Tomacco episode.

5) Everytime The Future Mrs. Darcy learns or uses a quote from said show- what subject from school is pushed out of her brain?

d) Chemistry. Whomever answered European History- I DISAPPROVINGLY SHAKE MY HEAD AT YOU! And je me souviens le francais- kind of. But chem- I barely f-ing knew chem when i was taking it. I stopped taking ALL SCIENCES because of chem and can barely tell you what noble gasses are.

6) What musical does The Future Mrs. Darcy hate even though she has never seen it and doesn't really know the songs but hates it because pretentious suburbanite teenage musical theatre hags?

b) Rent. This was a giveaway b/c of the wording of the question- pretentious suburbanite teenage musical theatre hags
toooootally equals Rent. It just does.

7) What character did The Future Mrs. Darcy play in Grease at her high school?

b) Cha-Cha. OH and P.S. Mr Darcy and La Sicilian you can both kiss my ass because i was totally CAST as cha-cha, not that other stupid bitch and it's just UNFORTUNATE that i sprained my ankle a week before the show. I can't talk about this one further without throwing something/one.

8) How old with The Future Mrs. Darcy be on 11/1/11?

b) 31. WOW Let me just say there was some creative math on this one. 1980 childlers. And you may be X years older than I am but my birthday is after yours...... :)

9) What film does the Future Mrs. Darcy suggest getting drunk and watching nearly every Friday night?

c) Super Troopers. I laugh just writing it. AND i'm getting the strong feeling that many of you have not seen/heard of d) The Ref. and you totally should because it's Dennis Leary and Kevin Spacey and really funny and to answer 10) i've obviously seem the ref so the answer is b) Dude Where's My Car. And Mr. Darcy, I believe you're thinking of the parody is Scary Movie 3 (which we've seen and actually another highly quoted film in the ole household mostly due to the fact that the David Cross/Chris Elliot scenes are hilarious) where they get the tattoos- "Ray" & "Fucked me".


These don't have an exact order but:

Taboo and Asshole need to be near the top. Shortly followed by poker and jeopardy. Then we'll throw in beer pong. But last definitely needs to be quarters and flip cup.

So there you have it. That's me in a nutshell. No, this is me in a nutshell: "Help! I'm in a nutshell! How did I get into this bloody great big nutshell? What kind of shell has a nut like this?" Hahahah Austin Powers. Ahh goodbye noble gasses!!

I stopped the 'ol mental meds I've been taking cold turkey. However, at the time I didn't know you're supposed to ween yourself off. So now I'm a little more crazy than I've ever been. Every unfinished project is making me a little more nuts and the spontenious invite from a neighbor for beer and dinner had me almost lose it. I'm not doing well with "spontenious." Is that even how you spell that?

Ha Ha Ha Ha Really I'm okay. I'm looking forward to having Monday and Sunday off so I can work off some of this negative energy in my yard, which....oh gosh don't get me started.

Off to work,

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My super quilt i've been meaning to take a picture of and post said picture AND the edge of my pink robe that i didn't realize was in the shot but i'm too lazy to take another picture.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Learn three chords! Start a band!

"The Band"s first official rehearsal was last night. First order of business - names. We threw around some:

The Use Me's (my suggestion - shot down for being too intellectual)

The Reach Arounds (Rhett's suggestion, but loved by the Town Cryer)

The Marys (my suggestion - shot down on the priniciple that The Town Cryer wants to use the band to pick up chicks and the homosexual overtone would be misconstrued.)

Scarlett & The Town Cryer (my latest suggestion only momentarily sent through cyberspace. I'm waiting for a response)

Any and all suggestions will be considered. Please share with the group.

Okay, so "The Band" has been asked to play 3-4 songs. Here is what we're working on:

"Where The Wild Roses Grow" - an interesting duet b/t Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue that is narrative in it's telling of a brutal murder. It' s totally dark but very cool, I'll prolly get all kinds of indie street cred for this, at least that is my goal. We have to bring this song up in pitch by about a 1/3 and learn lyrics since The Town Cryer is unfamiliar with this song.

"Be My Husband" - this was originally a Nina Simone song that Damien Rice and that nameless (to me) chick covered during a European radio interview. It's a song written from a woman perspective, but The Town Cryer is working on lyrics to sing in response to my part, thus creating a duet. I love this song, but Rhett didn't think it "showed off" my vocals well.

The Town Cryer will choose a song for him to sing as a solo and that leaves one more song for me. I can't decide what to sing. It has to work with a Tenor guitar and be a simple three chord construction. I have the following in mind:

"Angel From Montgomery" - a Susan Tedeschi song. I'm kinda keeping this in the back of my head. I'm not as familiar with this bluesy tune, but I like the vocals.

"Secret" by Maroon 5 - I just love this song.

I don't know, what else....

Oh! My new favorite site: Etsy


Friday, March 16, 2007

DAMN IT BLOGGER! I just wrote some long ass entry that errored and did not save in "drafts"

Eff this...I'll do it later! Right now I have my MySpace profile up so I can dance to Timbaland's new song while doing dishes.

Lata bitches!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So my left sinus is a huge bitch. That's really all there is to say about that-- except the fact that i'm sneezing like i have allergies and have gone through 2 of the office tissue boxes. I have a sneaking suspicion the ole leftie [sidenote: have i ever told anyone the story of my super gay friend in high school {his name was the same as the female lead character on Ferris Bueller. and that was his given name. he was the youngest child of 4 in the most stereotypical jewish family outside of long island. his sisters names were outlandish stripper-esque things like Destiny or Hope or something like that and his mother wears a gold lame coat or a fur coat with pounds of jewelry all the time. just a little background} but he said he had the power to speak to women's breast and they would tell him their names which he would relay to us... though my left is not named "leftie" writing leftie made me think of that whole saga.] ANYHOOOOOOOOO leftie the sinus has been a ho and I think is trying to make good on my sick day that I plan on taking tomorrow and really make me sick EVEN THOUGH i have a doctor's appointment and cleared it by my boss and she said it's ok and that it's even ok that i take sick time but LEFTIE really seems to want me to be sick which is misguided even though i DID neglect to mention my doctor's appointment was in upstate new york. SO this whole debacle has me living better through Whole Foods.

I had a spinach and strawberry salad that had little bits of feta and almond slices on it- holy fucking vitamin batman- i know! Then i got a Naked juice drink which cost the price of 120 million diet cokes (or 2, whatever) in the Well Being Power-C flavor (which contain a pound of fruit in it's wee 15.2 oz bottle) and an odwalla bar in the flavor "superfood" which doesn't have a picture on the front which is SLIGHTLY daunting but even more so that it boasts "500 mg of spirulina" which i have no flucking clue what it is. And flucking was a typo at first but i've grown to like it in these 3 seconds here and will now embrace it as my own.

And since it's magically not 4:30 yet I will continue with..... A FUN NIFTY QUIZ a la scarlett a couple of weeks ago on myspace WHICH i got a 90% on although i think i get a bonus 12% for catching that one of her questions was in there wrong.

We shall begin said quiz with:

1) What are the names of The Future Mrs. Darcy's breast according to her super gay high school friend?
a) Luke and Laura
b) Fred and Ted
c) Betty and Veronica
d) Perky and Pointy

2) What is The Future Mrs. Darcy's favorite food?
a) dark chocolate
b) milk chocolate
c) cheese
d) popsicles

3) What does The Future Mrs. Darcy believe to be the superior Law and Order?
a) regular Law and Order
b) Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit
c) Law and Order: Criminal Intent
d) Law and Order: Trial by Jury

4) What is the most quoted TV Show in the Darcy household/chaos vortex?
a) The Simpsons
b) Family Guy
c) SNL
d) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

5) Everytime The Future Mrs. Darcy learns or uses a quote from said show- what subject from school is pushed out of her brain?
a) French
b) European History
c) Dramatic Survey of Comedies
d) Chemistry

6) What musical does The Future Mrs. Darcy hate even though she has never seen it and doesn't really know the songs but hates it because pretentious suburbanite teenage musical theatre hags?
a) Phantom of the Opera
b) Rent
c) HMS Pinafore
d) Annie

7) What character did The Future Mrs. Darcy play in Grease at her high school?
a) Marty
b) Cha-Cha
c) 3rd Girl from the left
d) Patty Simcox

8) How old with The Future Mrs. Darcy be on 11/1/11?
a) 30
b) 31
c) 32
d) 33

9) What film does the Future Mrs. Darcy suggest getting drunk and watching nearly every Friday night?
a) Pride and Prejudice
b) Dude Where's My Car
c) Super Troopers
d) The Ref

10) Of the above films which has the Future Mrs. Darcy never seen?

Now wasn't that fun and informative? SO YOU THINK. Post your answers in the comments sections and I will create a prize for the super winner. Don't think you did so well- ok here's a bonus question: in order from most competent to least competent how does the Future Mrs. Darcy feel she is at the following games: What game does The Future Mrs. Darcy consider herself to be superior in (out of those listed)?
a) taboo
b) poker
c) flip cup
d) beer pong
e) jeopardy
f) quarters
g) asshole


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's been a while since anybody has posted anything so I thought I'd provide a little update. However, I warn you, nothing exciting is happening so this may be a bit boring.

It is spring break this week where I work and it makes me miss the days of being in college and going to Mexico for a week to enjoy the sun, get wasted and hook up with cute boys. Here I am 7 years later stuck in a cube with my window open. I suppose I should consider myself lucky to have a window at all. However, my boss just expressed interest in going outside and having a beer. This is the kind of day where back in college we'd all gather at the terrace and have a few beers and play cards. That sounds SO good right now!

In other news, the wedding is 73 days away. I only know that because The Knot tells me so. I'm not actually counting but now that I've written it down my stomach is doing a few somersaults. Wedding invitations mailed today so be on the look out for one in a mailbox near you soon. I suppose it's starting to feel real now. Going in for the first round of alterations the first weekend in April. This means I have three and a half weeks to work my butt off to lose some more weight before I decide if I need the dress let out. I suppose it would help if I could get my butt out of bed in the morning but that's gotten harder now that we've sprung forward and it's dark again. No excuses - must get motivated. One would think that knowing I have to put on a swimsuit in public in a little over 2 months would be motivation but surprisingly, it's really not as much motivation as I was hoping.

That's really all I got. I told ya, my life is really not too exciting. About the craziest thing to happen to me lately is that I went out two nights in a row. Whew! I am getting crazy these days! So, that's it for me. I hope you are all having an enjoyable day and enjoying the weather - especially Popodop who is hopefully sunning herself in Miami and avoiding any actual work!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Clem may not be drunk dialing anyone, but I sure will! Expect a phone call Monday night around 8:00 p.m. Central Standard from The Pageant in STL.

Yay! So today is being spent catching up on laundry before packing and leaving tomorrow a.m.

I'm also sitting around brainstorming on songs to make my musical debut in P-town with my trusty partner on the gee-tar, the Town Cryer. You will remember his nom de plume was assigned from his participation in the Renaissance Fair a few months back. So here are the deets. My neighbor has invited this group to perform a house concert. She has asked me to play a few songs before hand. Never one to pass up an audience I said "yes!"

Taking suggestions....


Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm sitting here staring at the clock (and let's be honest, my email too. I think Cam joined the circus again). Anyway in roughly 3 I will say "peace out" and make my way to the airport. Viva Las Vegas.

I think that I packed everything I need, but I'm sure as I sit on the plane a list of things I forgot will come to me.

My first goal is to drink on the plane. I've never done this and feel it should be checked off my list of things to do before I die. This may complicate reading "Angels and Demons" though. Maybe that will have to wait until I am laying by the pool. Ah...warm weather. D#!* it. I forgot sunglasses.

My other goal for this trip is not to lose a lot of money. Spending it on alcohol, food, and other things isn't losing money. Giving it to the casino just isn't cool.

Popodop, I won't be calling you at 4am this time and leaving some incoherent message-unless of course you'd like that.

Just a heads up if I hit it big,I hope to run into Josh Duhamel, convince him to leave Fergie and move to Hawaii. If not, I will be back on Sun, possibly with some good stories.

TFMD- Good luck with the play. Cam is in town if you need a bodyguard let me know.
Scarlet- Enjoy Scissor Sisters.

Not sure what the rest of you kids are doing- but have a good weekend :-)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's only fitting that I blog about my future mother-in-law on her birthday.

I was in Wisconsin this past weekend for my bridal shower there and "bachelorette party" which was really just dinner and drinks - exactly what I wanted.

Well, one of the best gifts I received is a beautiful scrapbook. Each person who was invited (I believe) received a page for the scrapbook and was asked to decorate it - I assume with something about us and my upcoming wedding. It truly is a beautiful and heartwarming gift that I will cherish forever. Everybody did a great job.

My future mother-in-law, along with my future sister-in-law did two pages and it's very nice. They included pictures, the lyrics to the song my future sister will sing at the wedding and some cute quotes about love and marriage. However, even with the best of intentions, two of the quotes are not exactly the most appropriate. I have included those here for you.

The first quote is interesting - perhaps better for a 5 year anniversary and also for a man. It reads "I got married by the Justice of the Peace and I ain't had no justice or peace since." Ok, interesting choice.

The second quote is just not appropriate at all and again, while I know she had the best of intentions, perhaps this one should have been removed. "Marriage wouldn't be so bad if people were as anxious to stay married as they are to get married."

Um, ok. I'm pretty sure I'm going in to this with my eyes wide open and planning to stay married forever. My parents may be divorced but I know my parents never loved each other the way ME and I do. Ask them, they'll agree. Also, we are going in to this knowing that divorce is simply not an option. So, I would say I am as anxious to stay married as I am to get married. Whatever! I know she tried and I appreciate the effort, I really do, but she might want to think sometimes about how these things can be taken the wrong way. Although, I'm not sure how anyone getting married wouldn't take offense to that quote.

Anyway, that's all I really got. The Big Ten Tournament starts on Thursday with my beloved Badgers scheduled to play on Friday. If anyone feels like watching a Big Ten basketball game this weekend - or watching the Badgers in the NCAA Tournament, I'm your girl!

Thanks for asking, we did great in our SCUBA class. Here's an email I wrote to our family:

I am please to announce...That Snuff and I are the newest members of the SCUBA family. We took a 3 day course this weekend, with classroom work an exam and 5 dives and are now certified divers. We will do our open water course when we are down in Jamaica to become fully certified, meaning we can Scuba anywhere in the world. I am so proud of Snuff. For those of you who don’t know, Snuff never knew how to swim. For the past three weeks we have spent our nights at the local pool working on his strokes and overall comfort in the water. We had to pass an 8 length swim test and 10 minute water tread. He was wonderful.

And just to let you know HOW comfortable he has become, during our play time at the end of our class, Snuff and I were going to descend to the bottom and swim around. Well I descended down and as Snuff came right after me, he noticed that he hadn’t put his regulator in – he still had his snorkel in. Well I am sure that even those of you who haven’t taken the class know that the snorkel should be used at the surface – not at the bottom. Instead of freaking out, he calmly reached for his regulator, purged the water from his mouth and cleared his mask. He has come so far! We had someone who took a picture during the class, but it wasn’t digital, so we will send that and take more during our trip!

Monday, March 05, 2007

So to answer questions/update all here goes:

Clem-- next weekend is not only St. Pat's but I am 1) going to the dentist to hopefully regain the ability to chew on the right side of my mouth, 2) various wedding things my mom probably has up her sleeve, 3) Grease cast reunion (more to follow on that) and 4) St Pat's celebrations in Worcester and Boston.

Now the Grease thing is this. 10 years ago (I vomit slightly in my mouth every time I write that) when I was 16 I was in Grease. It was there that I met or became close with La Sicilian, OJ, and several others who don't have nom de plumes. That happened to ALSO coincide with the giant schism of friends of which I was at the heart of (with my friend from Ireland- we'll call her... Lucky- which is clever for two reasons but I can't reveal them without compromising it as a nom de plume). Basically there was this bitch Snatchly (the original nom de plume) who was jealous I got cha-cha because SHE considered herself the dancer and blah blah blah tension blah blah blah then I break my ankle a week before the show and she gets the part but damage was already done before that and Lucky and I become close with OJ and La Sicilian and their boy counterparts who don't need names and Snatchly and others go another way.

The following year a similar Schism occurred with me at the heart of again stemming FROM how close I was to OJ and that crew who were half in college. Whatever. DRAAAAAMA!

Ok. So when I was home at thanksgiving I was picking up my sister at school and ran into my old director and he told me they were doing Grease again b/c he could only stomach it once a decade and that's when I realized HOW FRIGGIN OLD I WAS but also that I thought it would be cool to see all of my friends that I don't get to see as much.

So I email La Sicilian, her boy counterpart, OJ, my boy counterpart, the only friend of the original schism that I kept in touch with, and Lucky (the first three are all in contact but the rest are sort of a hodge-podge who haven't seen each other in anywhere from 2-10 years). Damn I feel I need a diagram like Clem!!!

Where was I? Oh right- emailing. So I email them and say blah blah blah come it'll be fun and if you're still in contact with anyone else you email them and invite them too.

Time passes. Fast forward to this weekend when my old boy counterpart says his mom says tickets are going fast and how many do we need? And in one of my replies I attach the cast photo that I scanned in from my yearbook. Yes, I have my year book at my house. FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON this triggers Lucky to go psychotic and try and track all of these people down.

Now, Mr Darcy doesn't realize why this freaks me out because he is of the same idea as Lucky that it was 10 years ago and it'll just be fun to see everyone. Now schisms aside- I can talk to any of those people who have moved to the bottom of my "to kill" list (a la Billy Madison). BUUUUUUUUT now we've gone to a happy group of some people who are still in touch and those who are not and MOST IMPORTANTLY I can vouch for everyone who I invited.

If anyone wanted more people to come who they were still in contact with THEY COULD HAVE EMAILED THEM. Then we'd know they were cool. But now she went all insane and FOUND THE EMAIL ADDRESSES OF PEOPLE THAT I HAD TO REMIND HER WHAT THEIR NAMES WERE! Holy fucking awkward.

So I've been half freaking out over that and on the phone with OJ who has been simultaneously freaking out. But then the worst thing happened. She emailed everyone new and COPIED MY ORIGINAL GROUP ON IT. This is horrible b/c now I worry I'll have to literally bribe La Sicilian to come and her counterpart has already suspiciously backed out because they REALLY do not want to spend the night schmoozing. My only saving grace is that this is 2 weeks away and we're going to see the show at 6 on a Friday night so it'll be hard for MOST people to come.

And let me clarify- I don't mind seeing people I haven't seen in awhile- but to be bound to hang out with them for an extended period of time. I wanted to use the time to catch up with people I care about not be all... Oh yeah so ummm after high school I went to this college and studied this and now I'm here and -- what-- you want to talk wedding plans? Well let me get out my trusty katana sword out and -- hmm does the ritualistic suicide start by going in on the left or the right?

A question has been proposed about wedding plans. I don't mean to be vague or whatnot but I'm not sure if y'all have encountered this as well but wedding plans is what people who i run into in the elevators at work talk to me about to fill empty space and not much changes between ill timed elevator rides so it's a wee painful.

But this is different since I know and like all of you.
So I have:
A church
A priest
A dress
Possible bridesmaid dresses
A reception hall (which includes food)
A florist

Still need to book:
Engaged Encounter so I can keep the church and priest
Plane tickets to go home to do tastings and stuff
Everything registery

Things I really need to do that keep me up at night:
Figure out where we want to go on honeymoon
Make invitations which in my head corresponds to locking down the entire look/style/feel of the wedding as opposed to making individual decisions that don't have an overarching common bond like I've been doing.

To do this I have gone through all of my magazines and cut out pictures that I like and breaking them down into the following categories: make up, invitations, flowers, reception decorations, gifts (as in to give- favors/ bridesmaids gifts etc) and misc.

This is the aforementioned binder that Mr. Darcy threw in the dark last Thursday to get it off the bed and ended up NAILING me in the face with it hurting my eye and cutting open a small part of my face above the lip that is finally starting to go away.

Anyone who would like to see this binder in all it's anal glory are welcome to at Clem and my proposed happy hour sometime in the coming weeks. Although being the ships in the night we are Clem will be out of town this Thursday-sun and I will be out of town NEXT Thursday-sun.

Tuesday and Wednesday are all good for me next week though if you want to try and do something then.

Please reply with days that are free. Any place metro accessible in the district is good for me so if anyone has any ideas for places that specialize in both food and drink-- I shall throw out Lauriol Plaza because it is not only SUPER YUMMY but sells margaritas by the pitcher.

AAAAAAAAAND that is all.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Speaking of sheep...

I have no effing idea what this means, but I like the imagery.

Wikipedia says that to many women I am the epitome of a man. I am not one to disagree. Sorry to disappoint women everywhere but my one true love is a buxom lass named Scarlet. Take that as you will.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the story of The Future Mrs. Darcy's misuse of Donkey Punch and Scarlet's enthusiastic telling of the tale in a local pub, I'll refrain from sharing my knowledge of such terms. As a fine Southern gentleman it's not talk fit for polite company. Though maybe one day I could be pursuaded over a fine bourbon on the rocks. Or three or four or eight as the case may be.

Instead I will leave you with a picture depicting our life in the Dirrty South. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm sorry that everyone of my entries has me apologizing for how gosh darn busy am I, but yet again I find myself w/ a meager 20 minutes before I must shower to go to work yet again! I just wanted to update you all on the new role at my new job. So I told you all I am working at the box office of my friends' play theater. Well, last night I shadowed the director so that I can learn the role of a stage manager. OMG! Was that ever fun! So I've totally been bitten by the show biz bug.

Why did I drop drama after high school? College would have been a blast had it been spent backstage....Oh right I was worried about being unemployable. Right that Education degree has advanced me so far in life. I currently sell over priced scented candles and answer telephones for a living. I'm not complaining though. I'm actually enjoying a lack of serious responsibility.

Peace out,

P.S. I'm not sure when Rhett plans to make his debut, but he is official now.

P.P.S. I can't stop listening to Nina Simone and I'm so in the mood to visit like a smokey Chicago jazz bar and drink bourbon on the rocks.

Friday, March 02, 2007

So, being a tax paying law-abiding movie-at-work watcher [Aside. Notebook was great Scarlett, another fine recommendation. End Aside] I thought it should be mentioned that there is a criminal in our midst.

While I was reading my paper this morning- there it was, right there on page 4.


Now I'm sure you are thinking, isn't that more Clem's territory, and, yes, I did think that as well, but sure enough- there is a law in Virginia that state that a man and woman living together without being married is a sex crime with a penalty of 30-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine.

For shame, Margeaux. For shame.

I'm looking for a crime busters number to phone this into as we speak write/read (depending whether you are me or not).

That is all.

#1 Crime reporter

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thanks to The Future Mrs. Darcy I now know the definition of a donkey punch. I shared the definition with a group at the Mid-Week Drinking Club complete with body movements to illustrate. I thought Rhett was literally going to die laughing.

Speaking of Rhett, I have offered him permission to blog since he has a blog entry in mind on this very topic. Sorry to circumvent the democracy that is 3 o'clock candy, but I figured you wouldn't mind.

I have to go to work at the theatre now. OH! Good news. Starting Friday night I'm going to shadow the stage manager to learn how to call cues. That will involve thats of black clothing and a headset and I can't wait. It sounds so much fun. I guess I need to come up w/ nom de plumes for these co-workers since I have funny anecdotes.

Peace out,