3 o'clock candy

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Introducing the new couch....yes you "Loft Sofa" won out over possibly 1,000s of sofas for your value and your shape. Congratulations! We'll see you in 3 to 4 weeks. Thank you "Petrie" you were a runner up, but the $900 price difference made my decision.

Now, some of you might be asking yourself if I am in fact having a moment of insanity caused by the very impulsive decision to purchase a couch online of which I've never sat or seen in person. Some of you might still be asking yourself if I'm insane for purchasing a white sofa. White? With a dog and cat and a walking Baby Pirate? I know, I know, but that is where my mother-in-law will come in to sew me a custom slip cover in a more suitable charcoal.

I'm not insane, but I am a little nervous as I did not deliberate for 8 to 10 months which is customary for big ticket purchase items, but the sofa was DEEPLY discounted and I worried it would be sold out and I'd have a reoccurance of the West Elm debacle of 2006.

Ah!!! I'm beginning to shake a little! Deep breaths....Deep breaths...quick someone align my chakras.

Phew! We returned from STL w/ the 'rents and took a bourbon tour. Today, they've left and Rhett and are I spending some much needed alone time. This week I plan to get some work done around the house. On Friday I return to STL for a surprise b-day party for my friend. It will actually serve as a sort of high school reunion, which is a little nerve racking.

So, I was just dropping by to say hello and now I'm off to nap the afternoon away.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

What up kids, I have exactly 12 minutes before I must start sealing and stamping 115 Xmas cards for the theatre. I made a deal with myself that if last night I watched Stardust (starring my non-twin Claire Danes & Charlie Cox) that I'd have to do the Xmas cards this morning. This is my last day in the office before heading to STL for a week. Too much to do.

I have been a very busy beaver removing yet more wallpaper and plastering and painting, this time in the upstairs foyer or "hallway" to which my more pedestrian husband refers. I have plans to create a gallery space out of closet doors. This, I believe, was inspired by Christopher Lowell whose show offered countless ideas on how to cameoflage everything unsightly with fabric. More details to come when the plan solidifies in my head.

I promise I'll take some pics soon. I think I was afraid to take pics of the progress for fear that you'd think we live like crack whores. I mean we do, but...

okay 3 minutes left!

Um, in STL we'll be catching up with my bff from high school. Also, we have tix to a Blues game with the fam. And we plan to stop by Crate & Barrel to visit our couch, Petrie.

That's it! I'm outie 5000

Monday, December 17, 2007

Forecast for today at the Sedgefield (formerly referred to as Tara)

Sunny, high of 44 degrees.

Tonight, a low of 31 degrees.

I'm sure Pop's homestead is more appealing.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh TFMD! I can relate to your non-sexual girl crush on Audrey Tatou. I too want to live in Paris with a pixie hair cut and play optical tricks on garden gnomes. And if, in this pretend hue-saturated Paris complete with an iconic soundtrack following my every move, Mathieu Kassovitz was my pretend boyfriend, well... all the better.

As far as style icons go, I'm leaning toward Zooey Deschanel:Granted, this is a glammed up version of her, but I happen to LOVE this photo and it makes me want to paint my powder room with pink stripes!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good Morning Angels!

I have decided that Maggie Gyllenhaal is just a touch too whacked out to my celebrity icon. And though I have been going back and forth with Nora Zehetner's (who was briefly on Heroes and apparently on Everwood but I never saw that so in my mind she's the girl who could influence what you think on Heroes that died last year) hair. I like it but I fear it's the "I want to undergo plastic surgery and have my face and hair changed" I experience after watching Amelie.

As you can see I want to be some sort of possibly french pixie. Problem with that is that unfortunately my head is not shaped like theirs and I fear I would look like a scary bobble head with a pixie cut.

SO then in a moment of weakness I turned my attentions to Joey Potter/Katie Holmes/Posh Spice depending on who you talk to.Which is a huge error because my hair isn't straight nor do I have an army of stylists.
My hair is wavy. Not like Felicity amazing curly/wavy but more like... hmmm...

More like Bellatrix Lestrange (even though that still was taken from
Sweeny Todd not Harry Potter).

So today I thought I decided that Rachel Weisz was going to be my new style icon. I love
the Constant Gardener even though it was me sitting on the floor bawling hysterically for 4 hours- it was a good movie. She's friends with Narciso Rodríguez and Donna Karan but looking at pictures it's all awards wear and strangely I have not been on any premiere or award show lists lately. But she's very cute and seems to embrace her paleness and makes me want to wear red lipstick although not too much she does have darker hair which I believe makes it easier to pull off. Note- I am fully aware she is not wearing said lipstick in the below picture.
But my question to all of you was a) did you read and enjoy She's Come Undone b) did you read and enjoy Lovely Bones? c) did you see the Fountain and did you enjoy that?

If you've answered yes to a) your opinions are immediately discredited and you shouldn't feel obliged to answer the following questions. That is my litmus test for books.

I ask these because
Lovely Bones is being made into a movie with Rachel Weisz and the Fountain looked weird but interesting but apparently was booed at Cannes.

Slightly off topic but if anyone is free after work today could you find this dress (featured in
Atonement) and put it in my closet. Thanks!

I don't know where I was going with all of this since my I will now look to Rachel Weisz idea was a little discredited since all the pictures I see are in fancy clothes but I did find Keri Russell to really look amazing everywhere though I'm not quite sure how that will help me.

So I'll just awkwardly end this post... here.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Will someone please tell Ms. Margeaux "I only wear Ann Taylor" Kramer that it takes ALL kinds to make the world go 'round. Like Baptists and yes, even people who look convention in the face and say "HA!"

If you suddenly found yourself freed from the confines of the Corporate American wardrobe you might retire your cardigans too!

-Keepin' it real

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OK! So one of the things that I like about where Scarlett lives (in a vague theoretical- I-don't-have-to-deal-with-it-on-a-daily-basis way) is that though people have what are considered slightly antiquated ideas (versus what, say, Jon Stewart thinks) is that they at least come out and say it.

As opposed to what we do up here. Which is this:

Marketing Project Manager: "Well we do like the layout... it's just... well we think the photo needs to have a little more... you know... more...[awkward silence]... VARIETY!"

Me: "Oh like more action going on?"

MPM: "No... umm... more variety in the people"

Me: "Oh so like more men and women"

MPM: "Well yes more men and women but...well... maybe some more ethni-...umm.. more DIVERSITY."

Me: "Oh like more races."

MPM: "Oh...well... yes."

Me: "Like some italian and irish... like that"

MPM: "Oh... ummm... no... what I was thinking was maybe... some African-Americans as well..."

Me: "OOOOH. Ok. Would you like any Chinese people? Oooh how about Indians?"

MPM: "Actually that would be great we're really trying to appeal to the Indian market."

Me: "Great. Now did you mean "Indians" like "I was born New Delhi" or "Indians" like "Native Americans"?

MPM: "Ummm... well... I was actually thinking "born in New Del-..."umm, well you know, whatever you thinks works best."

Me: "Great. Now should they be holding hands or singing Kumbaya?"

[End scene that I wish I could actually say]

Man, that is what I REALLLLLY miss about being at work. When they'd gather up everyone and we'd just jump for hours.

And then we'd get into groups and it's a big THUMBS UP!

Whew. Rant over. Time for some tasty mac and cheese.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

What next people....????

Lord! Have Mercy. These Baptists are gonna make me go something something....Sorry, not trying to be all INTOLERANT or anything, but you must read the account of some unsolicited advice that Mrs. Belding received.

Mrs. Belding is on the phone with a woman she befriended in child-birth class. Woman is an intolerant, uptight, control freak, fundamentalist who Mrs. Belding has a tenuous relationship since it's inception. The women are speaking about their sons' eating habits.

Mrs. Belding: I've been having a hard time getting Baby Pirate to eat protein. So, I stir-fried him up some tofu and he LOVES it.

Woman: WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? You can't do that. You'll make him gay. Don't you read the internet? It says that soy products feminize boys, that's why I avoided all soy products while my son was in my body.

Mrs. Belding: Ummm...we're not worried.

I have been laughing at this theory for over a week. Then a few minutes ago I read both the ignorant ass claim by a homophobic minister and the refute published in Scientific American.

You may read an excerpt from the crazy minister here.

You may read a smart science-y guy's blog on the credible Scientific American here.

BTW, Mrs. Belding and the woman will eventually realize that having children the same age is not the best foundation for a solid relationship. Besides the woman has bad taste and that's a deal breaker for Mrs. Belding. (If you're reading this Mrs. Belding -you know I'm right!)

Edited to add: Mrs. Belding thinks this is harsh.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wow! Um, I feel after TFMD's post compelled to confess a recent fashion choice. Before I confess, I just want the record to show that I am now an "artist" as I now have been seen in a show and currently hold wall space in Popodop's home, therefore I have artistic license to fill the role as cliched crazy dressing artist.

Um hmm...now for the confession.

Also, before I confess I should mention that I deliberately didn't seek the opinions of Mrs. Belding or my candy girls, for I kinda already sensed disapproval. I did consult with three separate men, two straight men and a gay man. Rhett was indifferent. I then consulted with Steve, my gay friend at the theatre whose taste I trust. He told me my choice was making a statement and was for it. Still not quite satisfied, I consulted with Bill. Bill said it was "punchy" I interpreted this vague statement as pro wearing of my confessional item.

Two "For's" and one "Indifferent" vote finally provided enough confidence to wear my confession with a straight face:

Yellow Peep Toes with Black Socks

Yep I said it. The entire day prior to my art reception I was a nervous wreck about whether my outfit was screaming "student artist" in a not-good way. But I decided my choice to wear yellow patent leather peeptoes with black socks was made so I'd just wear it confidently. I got zero reaction to the shoes so, quite possibly it was a fashion blunder that will be talked about behind my back for years to come.

Other than that the art show went well. The head of the art department told me that he and my professor shared the opinion that my piece was their favorite. Of course the reality check is that I'm at a community college in Western KY.

OH! I wanted to say to Pop and Snuff - HAPPY HOUSE CLOSING yesterday!